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Old 26 December 2014, 19:10
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College Student Looking for information on Pararescue

Hey Everyone!

Im looking for some information from people that have served as a Pararescueman. I just had a couple of questions that i was hoping someone that had been out there and done everything could give me some advice and answers.

My first question is about the medicine involved with being a P.J. how much are you actually trained in medicine? Iv'e been told it's like getting your paramedic degree much much more quick, and while under a hundred times more stress. So i was hoping for someone to explain just how much you actually receive in the way of medical training, and how that would transfer over into a civilian role afterwards? For example, could you walk into a hospital right after the military and start working? Or are there other steps that I would have to take first like more schooling?

My second question is more towards the Indoc portion of the training, I've been told that there is a ton of physical stress put on you, but that its about an 80 percent mental game. So what all did you guys do that helped prepare you for Indoc, and what did you do on a daily basis that helped you get through it?

The third question I have is for any Pararescueman. What do you find that is most rewarding about your job? Ive been doing a lot of research on the different branches and the different jobs inside the military. I have a love for my Country and feel like I owe it something, to give back to it. And serving seems like a great option. And the Pararescue program seems exactly like something I would love to be part of.

Anyways, if any of you have time to give me your inputs and thoughts I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!
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Old 26 December 2014, 19:58
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First: Go to the Home page and post an introduction as required.

Second: Surf on over to for a site with more PJ info than you'll ever need.
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Old 27 December 2014, 20:43
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First: What SATCOM said.

Second: Your third question is only answered by the person you are. My rewards are not yours. It is like asking, "what is so great about chocolate?" An individual answer. For me, it was most rewarding being in the company of the finest men on the planet. Camaraderie. I would say that you wouldn't have to be only a Pararescueman to experience that. Least not with the people on this site!

And the second most rewarding for me, was what became a cliche'. But the truth is, saving lives is something that matters. Pararescuemen, never have the problem of wondering if their lives mattered.
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