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Old 7 November 2006, 01:41
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Business Planning


Talked to a friend that owns his own small business, places that he mentioned to get a start,

Small Business Admin.


Not the end all or only help out there, but maybe a start. Good luck with your endeavors.
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Old 11 November 2006, 01:08
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Here's a good overview...
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Old 11 November 2006, 13:09
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Go get the book "Business plan kits for dummies" lots of good info. I'm currently going through the same process. Also check with your local college (Economics section) usually the Eco Prof. will help with a Bus. Plan. The local guy around here is helping with mine.

Here are a few helful links for you:

If you need anything else feel free to shoot me a PM, the only thing I haven't done yet is the financing, I'm counting on SilverBullet for that, LOL
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Old 20 December 2006, 09:56
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I see several hundred business plans a year in my job. My observations are this; There are 2 types of business plans, the ones used for getting financing and the ones used to actually run a business off of. The former are generally 3-5 pages, real simple, with the last page containing the financials of the prospective business. Most finaciers or invesment groups flip straight to that page to see when they get their ROI. Using a program to write this type is seen as not good, as they can be spotted pretty quickly.

The latter is the type that I think you're talking about. Using a computer program to write this is actually good becasue it helps you think of things you may not have considered. A plan for business, like a plan in the military, is fluid. Too many businesses write a plan and shelve it, or try to adhere to the thing lockstep. Actually, few businesses even write a plan, so I guess you're way ahead of the curve there.

Ironically, the best business plans I've seen are very similar to a 5 par. OPORD. Substitute the 'Enemy' for your market and competition and include a financial section in par. 5 and you'd be suprised how well it translates.

Best of luck to you.
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Old 7 January 2007, 18:13
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Mate I would contact National Grants in New York City They did our Business Plan. They do the market Analysis, research etc and fiancial etc very impressive. And the look at the government program as well as SBA and Bankers and Investors to set you on the right path.
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Old 8 January 2007, 02:40
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Although I do not have nearly the experience as many here, I was introduced to the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) last year at the SOFEX. I was impressed by the wide array of services they offered. They are joint federal and state centers which "assist businesses — including small, disadvantaged, women owned firms, and Veteran owned — cut through the red tape and frustrations in obtaining federal, state and local government contracts." Just search your state + PTAC - here is the central website; I just found it in my notes -

- Just more food for thought. Good luck.
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Old 23 January 2007, 22:51
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If you've already established a relationship with a tax pro, ask him what he'd like to see. He may have a checklist (usually called an "organizer") already that you can just fill in, and which will allow him to enter the relevant info with a minimum of back-and-forth.

If not, ask around for a reputable CPA, EA, or local tax preparer.

On another note (I'm a CPA... and NOT a lawyer, so this advice is worth what you paid for it), I'd suggest finding a good lawyer. You mentioned that you're planning on setting up the business as a sole proprietorship. However, the nature of the business could involve potential liability issues, so you should make sure you're protected before you proceed too far.

Good luck.
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Old 24 January 2007, 10:00
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A SP may not work well for a security buisness. It's like a medical office; any lawsuit means they can get your house. An LLC would work well, you just have the tax nonesense to worry about.

If you haven't done much business, then just file as a SP this year. Mileage and anything related to the biz (comuters, phone bills, etc.). DO NOT take the 'home office' deduction. It has been flagged this year as audit material. Not worth the time. Other things to consider; meals, travel, cell phone bill.

If your business lost money, congrats. That's how you win! The money comes right off the top of the old income tax (as a SP). If I was someone who liked to shoot a lot at the range, I'd open a business as a SP gun instructor, write off my pistolas and ammo, and post a loss every year. That's how you can get a free hobby.

I shouldn't be posting this.
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Old 24 January 2007, 10:51
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I have an LLC formed, but I know next to shit about running a business legit. Thanks for the post guys. Even if its a side hobby of mine, its good to have the info you posted.
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Old 24 January 2007, 19:35
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A guy who specializes in tax planning is a good thing. Mine is a lawyer (tax specialist). I see him maybe once a year and he costs a lot. Always saves me far more than he costs. He doesn't do my taxes, just makes sure I have my ducks in a row for dealing with the guy who does the books.
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Old 24 January 2007, 19:48
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There are some very good posts with tax advice through out the international jobs section. Read them all.

Remember you must show profit at some point with in 5 yrs or you will be considered doing a hobby vice running a business. You also need to run the numbers on whether to use the home office deduction or not. No deducting something because it may get you audited is not a smart move unless the deduction you're thinking about is illegal.

You have to do something completely outrageous to get audited based on your return. Otherwise they use an algorithm which may pop you to the top. Nothing sinister or scary. Someone who obeys the law should ever fear getting audited. It is not an indication the gov thinks you have committed a crime.

Leaving money you could legally deduct on the table is stupid. Everyone should be deducting everything the IRS code allows.

Forming a company is fairly simple and you can automate most of your stuff such as monthly withholding and your quarterly. LLC or S Corp is usually the way to go. You need to decide which works for you. I posted some detailed posts about them. Search them out.

Good luck
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Old 7 February 2007, 19:21
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Tax work is really not as hard as one would think and you can use your PTAC to assist even with that. Really consider working with them, I truly believe that their assistance, with all they offer is without doubt the best thing in the world for small businesses. That said, follow up and follow through with the planning your begin. It's time consuming and you really have to think through each and every step.

Get with Scotty, TPD or any of our guy's if we can assist in any way with your company, either through lesson's we've learned the hard way or with anything else.

Be Safe
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