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Old 7 February 2014, 14:04
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Any plans for a third Novel?
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Old 7 February 2014, 18:04
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Yes sir, already written. It's actually part 2 in the series, and it's a cop story. I hope to have it out this year.

Also, just found out my publisher wants to send Line in the Valley to print next month.

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Old 19 February 2014, 13:39
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My 2 Baht.

Read the book over a couple of days two weeks ago and really liked it. I wanted it to stew for a little while before I wrote any kind of “review”.
I have to say that I have zero experience as a combat Infantryman so anything I could say regarding the TTPs of the platoon during the nitty gritty would be worth a pile of bovine recycled grass. That being said, those sections/chapters flowed well, were intense and chaotic, and were basically the opposite of any Hollywood action movie. By that I mean that dudes are getting lit up left and right, confirmed hits are few and far between, plans never survive contact, and nobody seems or acts invincible. I liked that a lot. The characters were mostly really well developed, their actions and motivations made sense in the context of what I knew about them. There were some ancillary figures that I would have liked more back story on but I get that it might just be me. I also thought that the premise of the story wasn’t that far off the mark. If you’ve spent any time on the Texas border you can see how this could happen given the right set of circumstances.
I think my only gripe (and it’s a petty one) is that because I’m in the Texas NG there were several times that I disagreed with the strategic COAs that were being taken. Not the stuff on the line but the decisions and use of assets at the BDE and DIV level. I would have lost my shit if you had thrown the Lakotas in the mix and maybe brought in the counterdrug guys as well. It also would have been great to see C/5/19 get some action. Okay, all that would have been a bit much, but then maybe recruiting command would have published it for you or tossed you some GRAP money (too soon?). The only other thing that kind of stuck out to me was arrival of the Marines at the end. The way it was written gave me the impression of “okay fucktards, the goddamn professionals are here to save your sorry asses”. I know you’re a former Marine so I get where that comes from, but at the time I thought it felt tacked on.
Like I said, I really liked the book and when it comes out in print I’ll buy a couple to pass around.
Oh, and when you introduced the FRNCO I fucking KNEW he was going to be a shitbag but the statement you made about AGRs was so on point I really can’t be butt hurt about it even though I want to be.
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Old 19 February 2014, 14:07
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Just purchased from Kindle store, and added to my iPad.

I very much like the idea of supporting SOCNET authors.
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Old 25 February 2014, 15:44
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Loadsmasher and CPT,

Sorry for the delayed response, been busy as helll with AT, drill and a family emergency. Thanks for the buy and the comments. Smasher, every NG soldier who talked to me after reading it said the same thing about the RNCO (that's the first time I heard the comment about the Marines though). PM on the way.

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Old 6 July 2014, 04:38
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Congrats and best of luck. I already had the first one and have just downloaded the latest.
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Old 6 July 2014, 08:33
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Bought them both for Kindle. Always good to support the home team.
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Old 27 August 2015, 10:56
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Chris,do you have a release date for your third book?
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Old 3 July 2017, 16:13
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I just read and wrote a review(On Amazon) on the Safe at War novel.
Loved it brother. And am I reading it correctly, that it is a prequel to the 2 you mention here? I just ordered Proof of our resolve.

Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.
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Old 3 July 2017, 16:56
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I enjoyed all his books.
Steel Rain Brings The Pain!
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Old 3 July 2017, 21:40
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Chris hasn't logged in since Jan 2015. Anyone have comms with him?
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Old 3 July 2017, 22:34
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He can be reached thru Breach Bang Clear.
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Old 3 July 2017, 23:03
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He is active on his Facebook account as well.
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Old 5 July 2017, 14:48
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I read Proof back when you first wrote it. It was pretty awesome...I'll be grabbing a copy of this one as well. Your characters are relatable and believable, and the stories are solid. Well done, Txchris!
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