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Old 20 November 2019, 21:43
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Why and how the U.S. should stop financing China's bad actors.

I imagine some here may already have known this but this old guy just learned that we're funding China more than I knew:
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Old 20 November 2019, 23:04
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Well written, on point...

Another reason for Wall Street to hate POTUS, he wants change.
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Old 20 November 2019, 23:35
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Shouldn’t we stop financing our own?!
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Old 21 November 2019, 08:47
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Good read.
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Old 21 November 2019, 09:54
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I think risk management function in the financial market, what little I know about it, is like many federally regulated security programs, where you manage the risk from the regulator and not the actual threat. Seems to be prevalent here.
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Old 21 November 2019, 10:09
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Interesting read. I had heard the topic of colleges and R&D coming up in hearings as far back as Clapper as DNI and McCabe about the security risk that the Chinese were carrying out in college campuses. The amount of research data they have gleaned from the US seems rather stunning. Anyway, the Senate had a hearing Tuesday about more stringent means to identify students and research programs that are going straight to China. A different kind of stopping the funding.
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Old 21 November 2019, 13:13
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Hillsdale has some good articles and most of their lecturers are really good! Thanks for posting this.
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Old 23 November 2019, 09:46
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Originally Posted by 275RLTW View Post
Shouldn’t we stop financing our own?!
I agree. We shouldn't be financing ANY actors.
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Old 10 April 2020, 15:12
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The Japanese are taking steps to ensure their nations long term success, and not coincidentally reducing the Chinese threat, both economically and politically.

Long term thinking like this would also be beneficial to Americans. The .gov focus should be on the actual production of goods and services in the US. S/F....Ken M
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Old 10 April 2020, 15:50
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That's a great article. Its proposed solutions are the kinds of things only possible under an America-first president with a like-minded House and Senate, so it they aren't implemented in 2021 or 2022 they probably never will be.
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Old 10 April 2020, 15:59
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Welp, you can think the last Admin (and yes, Bush) for that. All the last POTUS wanted was his Green programs. That combined with the Arab Spring and no "pivot" to China...
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Old 10 April 2020, 16:11
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It’s a great article, particularly in reminding the reader of how Reagan used economic warfare to attrit the Soviet Union, and I don’t think it goes far enough to display the challenge Reagan had with NATO partners to avoid enriching the Soviet Union via their oil pipeline in a deep early 80’s recession.

However, China doesn’t lack The entrepreneurship or economic capacity the Soviet Union did.

And strangely enough, the US economy is in a funny spot as a net producer of energy.

Where previously excessively low energy prices in the Oil Glut 80’s hurt their Soviet Union and helped the US.

Today, excessively low energy prices help China, and hurt well paying US oil jobs.
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