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Old 24 October 2015, 08:37
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World At War 26 Part WWII British Documentary

The World at War Episode 1 - A New Germany (1933-1939)

The World At War Episode 2 HD - Distant War (September 1939 May 1940)

For further episodes see links in right column.

Originally broadcast in 1971 it is frequently described as the definitive documentary on that conflict.

I heartily recommend it to those who are interested in World War Two. There are many other fine documentaries on particular aspects of the war, but as an overview of the entire conflict, this is hard to beat.
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Old 24 October 2015, 10:53
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I have the entire series on DVD, and used several clips to support a few history lessons when I explored teaching after retiring. The kids were engrossed and asked an endless amount of questions, but the saddest thing was how little the resident teacher knew about WWII in general (early 30's). He borrowed the set for several weeks and kept my lesson plans when I moved on.

But I agree completely- it's an essential documentary that you'd think would make an appearance now and again on television. Probably too much reality for the 'Reality TV' demand.
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Old 24 October 2015, 12:18
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Hi thanks for the reply.

The series was shown on terrestrial tv here in UK, every few years. Now it is relegated to a relatively little watched cable channel called Yesterday.

In the same vein here is another series on The Nazis , originally from the late 90's :

The Nazis, A Warning From History 1 'Helped Into Power'

Further episodes can be accessed from the list to right of the above video.

(The version on Youtube is limited to a reduced sized boxed window.)

A further series worth a watch :

Cold War Documentary Part 1 of 24 'Comrades 1917 1945'


Hope the moderators do not mind multiple links in one thread, it is only that I don't want to be seen as a new member, spamming with thread after thread. If necessary then of course feel free to move or edit.
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Old 17 November 2015, 20:34
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I imagine most of us have seen it a hundred times and have the DVD.
I originally taped it on BETA

De Opresso Liber
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Old 21 November 2015, 19:10
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I own the DVD set, watched this religiously when it aired, and even had the complete set of accompanying magazines that went with it.

there will never be a documentary about World War Two that was more detailed and accurate than this.
looking at it now, what makes it so incredible is that, thanks to the time it was made, and scope of the project, unlike modern documentaries that feature en who were young soldiers or civilians during the war... in The World at War, we are hearing the honest analysis and stories of these men who were commanding generals or aids to world leaders, giving incredible insight that will never be heard again.

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