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Immediate Opening: AWG Operational Advisor

SB approved

Patriot Group International, Inc, a veteran owned business, is seeking the best qualified candidate to fill the following position:

Job Summary: Serve as an AWG Operational Advisor, which provides support to the Army and Joint Force Commanders to enhance Soldier survivability, combat effectiveness, and defeat current and emerging threats. Provide operational advice or assistance to DoD organizations globally in support of Unified Land Operations.

Responsibilities: Conduct Pre-Deployment Advisory Support (PDAS) to supported organization, assisting in planning, execution and AAR of training conducted at home station Analyze the intelligence, operational TTPs, training, and materiel solution interrelationships to articulate an overarching strategy to combat irregular warfare. Analyses are constantly on going in order to provide updates in each area to ensure the strategy and JCOP remain relevant. Anticipate and prioritize follow-on force training requirements for Pre-Deployment Advisory Support (PDASS). Initiate coordination to deploying unit senior leaders (General/Flag Officer level) for visits PDAS. Initiate coordination and prepare correspondence to redeploying unit senior leaders (General/Flag Officer level) for post operation debriefings from the Task Unit (TU). Facilitate new and emerging asymmetric threat TTP dissemination. Assist DA Staff Link to FORSCOM/TRADOC to tie together training solutions within a larger tactical/operational environment. Assist command group in developing training programs for AWG Soldiers and members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Interact with the concepts integration cell and intelligence exploitation cell in order to operate as a "red cell" team to develop counter asymmetric TTPs before the threats are realized. Provide updates in each area to ensure the strategy and JCOP remain relevant.

Qualifications/Experience: Should have sufficient relevant experience (11-13 years) with either the U.S. military or other federal government agency(ies) that demonstrates the ability to meet the duties described above. Ideally but not required- demonstrated experience should include over twenty (20) years of relevant experience in land warfare component combat arms organizations but MUST have a minimum of six (6) years of relevant experience with U.S. Special Operations Forces or U.S. Special Mission Units. Expertise in terrorist, guerrilla and other asymmetric operations in order to advise the AWG on planning, training and equipping with experience in red force planning and special operations forces. Demonstrated knowledge of current operations and emerging military organizations, capabilities, and doctrine is desired. Demonstrated experience should also illustrate the ability to analyze current combat operations in order to identify causes of pre-deployment training gaps; possession of interpersonal skills and tactical expertise to communicate with U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps MACOM and unit level senior leaders preparing their organizations for deployment; and the ability to change and adapt established methods in order to meet new unit requirements. Demonstrated experience should illustrate ability to work independently (versus merely following established processes) and in small groups while possessing excellent oral and written skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills in to engage audiences ranging from junior enlisted Soldiers to General/Flag Officers. Demonstrate ability to anticipate requirements and obstacles, adapt quickly, follow through, and make corrections or create alternatives when needed to meet new circumstances or situations. Demonstrate competency at developing new ideas and insights while continuous learning about the area of expertise. Multi-discipline qualifications should include organizational level conventional and unconventional war fighting tactics, operations, and training. Proficiency to use Microsoft Office products. Must maintain physical fitness and be able to pass the APFT on a no-notice or semiannual basis.

Education: Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university is preferred but not required with 11-13 years of relevant military related experience

Clearance: DOD issued TOP SECRET SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION (SCI) or eligible to obtain a TOP SECRET/SCI clearance.

Interested and qualified individuals should apply online:
Buck Fiddy
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