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Old 3 April 2017, 12:32
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Lessons the British Learned from the Boer War

My first thought was "how much we take for granted today!" As an old infantry soldier, I was especially horrified by the need for some of these lessons.

I can't imagine having gone to war in the '80s in the manner that the Brits went to fight in South Africa against the Boers.

Interestingly, the British cavalry often (mostly) fought dismounted in South Africa and afterward. One of the brilliant tactical adaptations that brought the Australian Light Horsemen victory in Beer Sheva, however, was that they rejected that approach of dismounting and engaging at rifle range and instead charged in right under the Turkish guns to engage close up.

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Old 3 April 2017, 14:09
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The concept of fire and maneuver, camo, concealment and cover and combined arms operations.

Why can't we learn such great lessons?

Breaker Morant anyone?
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Old 3 April 2017, 15:35
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Years back I saw Breaker Morant overseas, good movie. That scene speaks to the need to adapt to the generations of warfare. Very relevant.
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