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Old 27 January 2016, 13:48
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Vietnam Peace Accords January 27, 1973

Today, January 27, some of us recall back in 1973 the Paris Peace Accords were signed officially ending the Vietnam war. Many here may have just read about it in text books. Regardless, the North never abided by those accords and continued to fight (text book readers probably didn't know that). President Nixon and Congress never did ratified it. Congress also refused to allow the US to supply more military equipment to South Vietnam. I was a newly enlisted soldier in basic training. Only a small number of my class went over to Vietnam during the great wind-down, never the less, until the American evacuation in 1975 Americans service members still had to go there as badly needed replacements for troops who were rotated back to the states or sent overseas to then West Germany to face down the Russian hoard at the Fulda Gap. The cold war was very warm at the time. More than 50,000 US deaths occurred over the span of the Vietnam war and their deaths were for naught. Sound familiar? Thank you Congress. Good at starting wars and then deserting their troops. Kind'a pisses me off thinking about it.
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