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Old 23 January 2017, 20:31
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Ia Drang Valley from the Other Side

This link was posted at TAH. Interesting article about the Vietnamese view of what happened at the Ia Drang Valley.
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Old 23 January 2017, 21:34
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Definitely an interesting read, thanks for sharing.
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Old 23 January 2017, 21:55
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Very interesting read. Thanks!
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Old 23 January 2017, 22:03
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Good read. Thanks!
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Old 24 January 2017, 08:41
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Nam was a meat grinder. When you read this battle after action review, by mostly the "Other "sides version you can see why there was over 58,000 KIA. My Infantry Company D Co 4th Bn 47 Inf of the 9ID, took heavy casualties through daily contacts by the Viet Cong. We never encountered the NVA while I was there 68 to 69. Nam was the ultimate survival game, but for the survivors the game goes on and on in our heads most everyday !
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Old 24 January 2017, 09:40
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The money quote from the commies:

“Based on our experiences . . . we can see that reporting from subordinate commanders to their superiors did not accurately reflect the real situation. Successes were usually exaggerated and mistakes and failures were not reported. This had a not insignificant impact on our operations. It caused senior commanders to misjudge and misevaluate the situation, which in turn led them to make incorrect policy decisions and to set goals and objectives which were unattainable. . . . Commanders must listen to the opinions of subordinates. . . . They must not be afraid to hear negatives, they must not be willing to listen only to those things which are positive, and they must never accuse a subordinate of harboring harmful thoughts and opinions when the subordinate is only telling the truth. . . . Commanders . . . must not be afraid to discuss mistakes and failures. Time after time, after every victory we won, so often that it seemed to be the rule rather than the exception, we fell into the traps of subjectivism, over-eagerness and over-simplification”.

How many times have we seen the same exact thing on our side?
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