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Old 21 July 2019, 00:49
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Sea Stories: My Life in Special Operations, ADM Bill McRaven

I just picked up Bill McRaven's new book and it's a good read. I got a call from a friend at SOCOM who asked me if I had read the book yet. I admitted that I had it but had only just cracked the cover The reply was, "Look at pages 171 - 174".

Bill and I were office mates at OP-31. Before you ask, I am an EOD guy who was working on the Very Shallow Water MCM issue and had a lot of SPECWAR friends. Bill, Tom Hawkins and I were working for Captain Mike Jukoski at the time. Bill put me in his book.
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Old 21 July 2019, 03:31
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A Seal wrote a book? No way!
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Old 21 July 2019, 06:42
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Originally Posted by KW Driver View Post
A SEAL wrote a book? No way!

LOL, that was a short flash-to-bang.
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