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Manager - Intelligence Analysis/Norwalk, CA


I am NOT the POC nor do I have any additional information concerning this position. Linky worky.

Position: Manager - Intelligence Analysis
Company: TBD
Location: Norwalk, CA

The Managing Senior Analyst for Intelligence and Operations serves as the senior administrator for the Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC), and represents the highest authority on the implementation of JRIC policies. All JRIC staff members are accountable to the Managing Senior Analyst via their Branch Supervisors and Section Managers. In turn, the Managing Senior Analyst is accountable to the JRIC Governance Board. The roles and responsibilities of the Senior Managing Analyst include:

• Working under the general administrative direction of the JRIC Governance Board and ensuring that the intent of the Governance Board is enacted.
• Maintaining clear and consistent communication with the JRIC Governance Board regarding execution of programs and policies to achieve the JRIC mission and goals.
• Coordinating and executing the overall intelligence and information-sharing program for the JRIC.
• Developing, implementing, and periodically re-evaluating performance metrics to ensure the JRIC effectively achieves its mission goals.
• Providing strategic direction to analytic efforts to ensure priority intelligence needs are met.
• Directing long-term planning for the center, including strategic planning for resources and staffing.
• Establishing guidelines, priorities, and management systems for day-to-day center operations.
• Developing and reviewing intelligence-sharing and privacy-protection policies and procedures.
• Negotiating memoranda of understanding where necessary with partner intelligence, law enforcement, and public safety agencies.
• Representing the JRIC in meetings with personnel from the public safety community, the US Intelligence Community, as well as other federal, tribal, state, local and private sector entities.
• Maintaining regular liaison with senior official counterparts from federal, tribal, state and local agencies to exchange information and collect data applicable to projects and intelligence reporting of possible terrorism-related activity to also include all crimes and all hazard events.
• Working closely with management at the other California fusion centers and the STAC to ensure that homeland security (to include national security, criminal and all hazard) intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination is effectively coordinated across the state.
• Maintaining effective working relationships with intelligence agencies, law enforcement organizations, and regional public and private partners to ensure that JRIC intelligence assessments and requirements are coordinated.
• Working with Section Managers to ensure personnel are appropriately supervised.
• Reviewing staff training needs and determining training progress in conjunction with Section Managers.
• Leading the evolution of the Joint Regional Intelligence Center’s capabilities to coincide with the mission statement.
• Developing and leading the Joint Regional Intelligence Center’s growth to enable a multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplined operation or investigation with technology, space, staffing and supervision.


If interested please go to the website below and apply to req number: 41528
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