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Old 23 January 2008, 08:57
velcroninja velcroninja is offline
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Have not been here in awhile.........

and unfortunatly, because of the "DD Cronicals" I have found myself wondering why I have not been here.

Really no reason worth telling, anyway, sinceI did not do this before...

I served in the United States Marine Corps from '90 - '94. Not a long stay, but really worth every minute...NOW! "Velcroninja" comes from what "Papa Bear" use to call us at F.A.S.T. School.

After I got out, I got actually into the Nightclub Security areas in my home town, which lasted for about (12) years...Really. I actually started doing it at a little place called "Club Rumors"...some may remember that. Heck I also worked at the "Dirtwood" for a short time as well.

Anyway, I did other thing, mostly sales, specifically in the S.O.C. and LE as far as Weapons, Training, and Equipment. I worked for a small but "big" player in that industry.

I had a badge for a short while, but I decided where I was at, I did not want to be and give them (20) years, plus I dont deal well with politics that surround the "Religion of MI-3".

In the hunt for other LE jobs, I was fortunate to get a chance doing "Overseas Contracting". The first company that I worked for, had me in TQ w/ the "UP ARMOUR" Program "for" the Marine Corps. Going back to "J-ville" was kinda funny.

Well Since then, I met up with a guy from there, who worked with the company that I am with now, and I have been in Iraq for a total of 2 1/2 years, 2 with this company.

I have a couple of friends here already, and hope to make more. I run alot on USN, and like to keep up with what is going on.

"if you are not're dead!"----- ME!

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Old 23 January 2008, 19:44
Grey Rider 845 Grey Rider 845 is offline
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Hello all. Thanks to the Admin for accepting my membership on the forums. I have been in Law Enforcement since 1977. Started as a "Summa Cop" in Cape Cod. 1978 Joined the New York State Troopers, Road patrol, Scuba for the Troop E team for 9 1/2 years, U/C in the Troop Narcotics Enforcement Unit 9 years, a couple of years wearing a suit in the "Back room" as a regular criminal Investigator, went back to narco in the CNET (Community Narcotics Enforcement Unit) and ended up promoted to Sr. Investigator (A street boss spot) in CNET. Retired from there at the end of 2000 and when 9/11 came I was recalled and did another (4) years in a Homeland Security slot (but almost all criminal investigation). Now I am a part-time Investigator at two PD's and in the pipe for the Iraq Police mission. Here to listen and learn.
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Old 24 January 2008, 01:33
quixote88 quixote88 is offline
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hey all: i'm a former journalist (20 years, editorial dept., The Washington Post). My Dad was FBI. I have a nephew who is U.S. Army Special Forces. I'm kind of an intelligence nut and have great respect for the U.S. Special Forces. Never served, but wish that I had.
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Old 24 January 2008, 09:13
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Nice intro. Fill out your profile. Thanks
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Old 24 January 2008, 12:16
CMeyers35 CMeyers35 is offline
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Location: State College, PA
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Hey 20..i just quit college mid way through my junior year to join up as an 18x in the Army. I studied MIS in college and wrestled while i was there. I leave on the 15th of march for basic.
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Old 24 January 2008, 18:05
VooDoo35 VooDoo35 is offline
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Sgt, Former PSYOP ATL in Sadr City 03-04


Served 1988 - 2006
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Old 25 January 2008, 02:01
Mark F. Mark F. is offline
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I'm also a journalist, though not royalty like the Post editor a couple of pages back.

While my family has a number of service members in it, my first experience with special forces came in the guise of my college roommate, Paul, who had been a Army Ranger for seven years before enrolling in college with a horde of pants-pissing liberals to get his degree.

How to describe Paul ... brilliant, resourceful, a repository for the crudest, most lavishly disgusting humor imaginable, lethal but friendly, loyal, fearless, a skydiver, gunsmith and mechanical engineer who could drink a fifth of Jack Daniels and still hit a road sign on the side of Alligator Alley from 20 yards with a 9mm pistol. He taught me how to shoot a weapon and make my own ammunition, skills which, for whatever reason, weren't taught at our liberal-arts college. One night, I had a hard time staying awake, when I noticed him crushing up coffee beans on the dresser with a spoon. "Put that in your lip, like Copenhagen. Old Ranger trick."

He was right. It's hard to sleep when you're bent over a sink all night, spitting coffee shards out of your mouth.

Paul also had some terrible stories, of course, from Panama and from his battalion, as well as hilarious stories from being stationed in West Berlin. Our dorm room was so littered with rifle barrels and gunpowder and greasy engine parts, my girlfriend refused to come in. (That, and he offended her one afternoon by referring to sex as "pulling the skin bus into Tuna Town," which still makes me apoplectic with laughter. She wasn't amused. We broke up. Paul and I remained roommates.)

Paul's old Ranger buddies were disgusted at the environment in which he surrounded himself: a commie cum factory crawling with left-wing, panty-waste college pussies was I think how one of them characterized our alma mater. Granted, I'm paraphrasing.

Another one of Paul's comrades who came down to visit absolutely terrorized campus, or at least the parts of it with which he came into contact. Dead drunk, holding the neck of a capless fifth of Jim Beam like a dead chicken, he marched over to one unfortunate young man, who was known to be rather proud of his physique. Pinching the kid's bicep between his thumb and index finger, he sneered, "Nice muscles." One girl, wearing an earth goddess hemp dress and smelling of patchouli, came over to him and said sweetly, "So, Mark (that would be me) tells me you're in the Army?" He looked at her and snarled, "Special fuckin' Forces." The hippie lass' face fell like a puck on a high striker game and she scurried away.

The great thing was, I realized in retrospect, the housing administrator looked at our profiles and paired Paul and I up intentionally. I've always considered that immensely flattering.

Anyway, in my work I've had the opportunity to meet and interview probably dozens of servicemen from most branches of the US military, including a number of Rangers and members of USASF. Although I generally disagree with their politics, I've never met a man from special forces who wasn't remarkable. And given that I've met a few, that is remarkable in and of itself.

Last edited by Mark F.; 25 January 2008 at 02:31.
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Old 25 January 2008, 03:11
Zeke Zeke is offline
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what's up guys! here to keep up on things and to get in on the friendly rivalries:D zeke
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Old 25 January 2008, 12:42
RR6 RR6 is offline
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New Member

Former member of LRS-1CD & HHC 19th SFG(A) Looking forward to exchanging information and stories.

Last edited by Silverbullet; 25 January 2008 at 14:33.
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Old 25 January 2008, 14:18
playfront24062 playfront24062 is offline
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Been on here for a few months figured Id do my intro now that I might post something in the near future.

Im 19, after 2 years of college (and Army ROTC) I realized I have no idea what I am majoring in and that Im wasting my money and time. This semester I refused my scholarship money and now I leave Monday for Basic, 11X with Option 40. Ultimate goal is to go SF after surviving 2 years in Batt (but who knows what Ill really do), was told by my ROTC cadre (several SF and former Batt guys) to wait til Im 21 to go to SFAS, in the mean time get some experience in one of the Batts. Well see how it works out.
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Old 25 January 2008, 21:33
varsity varsity is offline
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I've been lurking for years, and figured since I have a little time on my hands I would say hi and see if I know anybody out there. I'm in the pacific northwest and I'm a charlie with 19th group in WA. Feel free to vet me through PM's.
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Old 26 January 2008, 06:42
watnny watnny is offline
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Good morning everyone, found this board yesterday while looking for overseas security opportunities. 8 year vet of the Navy, Master-at-Arms 1st Class (E-6), who just applied to DynCorp Int'l for the Site Security Detail in Afghanistan.
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Old 26 January 2008, 08:51
Desk Jockey Desk Jockey is offline
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Location: Aktobe, Kazakhstan
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No relevant creds to this board, adjunct professor, consultant and country specialist for Eurasia.

Thank you to the BTDT's and others for allowing us to be guests in your house.


Last edited by Desk Jockey; 26 January 2008 at 10:20.
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Old 26 January 2008, 12:06
jaxx1671 jaxx1671 is offline
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Hello to all!

Name is Jack, live in Florida and should be in Iraq around March if i can keep from saying something stupid on a pysche test.. we shall see

in the army for a lill while, picked up 11B 1P, EIB, some advance mount at quantico va and a few other places in the DC area, at a scout sniper unit for a lill while, and was attached to a SF unit for about 8mths (not tabbed)... now im da PoPo. Special Enforcement Unit.. lill SRT "bunch of possers where i am"

Have a date with Dyncorp and really good hook on the other end of the pond that may can move me along and get to do some good things for God and Country " maybe even help some rags out in the process "

Thanks everyone
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Old 27 January 2008, 00:33
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maggot275 maggot275 is offline
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I've been a lurker for awhile just gathering intel.

Served with Attack CO 2/75 Ranger Regt. from 94-97 when the Black Beret was still earned. Third PLT Earthpigs Maggot SQD (still using the "Pig" back then) then Saw gunner in 2nd SQD. Finally, Ratbastards on a sniper team before a short stay in the arms room before ETS'ing.

Currently beating inmates at the County lock up.

NDOG can verify me from It is a priviledge and an honor to be in the company of some of the finest Warriors in the world again.
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Old 27 January 2008, 01:13
Former thousand-aire
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: In the company of warriors
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New to the mix

Would like to thank IMUA and GERRYERIC two BTDT guys for showing me the SOCNET community. Current SSgt in 4th ANGLICO, MARFORRES, deployed with 5th and 10th SFG(A) during OIF II/III as a FCT Tm Chief and instructor with my two brother listed above. Spent some time running the same roads of Baghdad as my brother Kato for TC and was a SWAT-Medic in Florida prior to that. Wanted to say thank you for having a community like this, it is a priviledge to be here. FTM-PTB-EGH-DTRT-KTF

Last edited by USMC_ANGLICO; 27 January 2008 at 01:40.
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Old 28 January 2008, 13:23
Posts: n/a
Hello to all. I came over here from I'm currently a SGT in the NCARNG, 11B, Iraq 2004-05. I'm in school now but look forward to a commission when that's done with. I hate school and hate the cry-babies here but one more year and I'm done. I know a number of SFers at Bragg and envy them very much for their professionalism and skill, and am looking at going that route. Of course that's a LONG way off so things may change. I hope I get the chance to learn a few TTP's here that will help me out in my next tour at the end of the year.

Great to be here.
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Old 28 January 2008, 19:38
DHS79 DHS79 is offline
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No military creds. Just a software engineer in San Diego. I have two uncles who served in Vietnam and one of them served in the Korean war as well.
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Old 29 January 2008, 00:31
MGunnsLarter MGunnsLarter is offline
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Location: Murrieta, CA
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Hi All,

My name is Sam and I'm a retired Marine MGySgt that spent most of my time in Explosive Ordnance Disposal. I also spent 3 years with the 15th MEU(SOC). I participated in Operations "Southern Watch", "Fiery Vigil", "Restore Hope" and "OIF I&II."

I retired in Agust 2006 and now work as a Government contractor testing and evaluating the Marine Corps weapons stockpile.

Semper Fi!
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Old 29 January 2008, 17:50
Poindexter Poindexter is offline
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Hi Guys! I've been lurking and reading for a while and decided to register. No military experience here, but my stepdad is retired Navy intel.
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