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Old 28 October 2018, 06:43
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Regional Security Manager Mexico/ACAC

Good opportunity in Mexico with Uber.
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Old 28 October 2018, 12:59
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Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
Good opportunity in Mexico with Uber.
I deal with Uber security on occasion. Both guy I deal with are retired cops. They are awesome and love their jobs.
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Old 28 October 2018, 13:31
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I was in Costa Rica last Spring. Uber is taking over there (much to the chagrin of cab drivers).
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Old 28 October 2018, 14:04
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Uber has a pretty significant presence in both Argentina and Peru already as well...

I was in BA last November.. and Lima this past June... there were as many Uber drivers running around as there were cabs...

I also used Uber in Cusco, Peru this past summer...

They are definitely growing throughout LATAM...

SOTB raved to me 3 years ago about how great Uber was in Mexico City and Guadalajara.... that’s what got me to start looking at Uber as an option when I travel OCONUS...
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Old 1 November 2018, 21:28
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Not that this needs my comment but I know a guy from NCIS that left prior to eligiblity to take a lucrative with Uber security. So far I’ve heard he’s really happy with the choice. For what it’s worth.
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