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Originally Posted by chokeu2 View Post
People need to realize that KM is a SYSTEM, not an art. It is a military system at that, not a "street" system. And unless it's KM that hails from where Hoepoe's from, it is a marketing system, not a fighting system.

A system is great for fighting en masse, or against someone who's not a trained martial artist who's been doing it for years. That's not to say that it won't work against a long time martial artist, but in that scenario, a long time martial artist will know all of the dirty tricks that is the selling point of a system like KM. And in that case, if the fight goes past the boundaries of the system, the artist is free to paint on his canvas. I've been a martial artist for 37 years, been around it all, even shot a KM video for an online provider of such instructional videos. A system is the fastest way to learn to scrap. If someone wants more variety, they need to get into a full on art.
^^^^^^ this
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