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Old 19 December 2018, 13:02
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Tort reform and publicly displayed pricing, common to all.

Lowest offered pricing to any organization or individual is available to all, regardless of insurance.

Almost like matching the actual cost of a service to the price.

Won't ever happen.
Old 19 December 2018, 16:02
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Originally Posted by Devildoc View Post
That's awful simplistic. A TKR is a TKR and you can get one in India for 1/10 the cost. That's from a surgeon who came here for training, and the same knee you'd get in any top-10 hospital, and the patient outcome is exactly the same. So it has to be more than that....
But you can also get rice, coffee, a bicycle, an IT professional, and a person to do your job at 1/10 of the price in India.

The American medical system specifically pharmaceuticals is the best in the world, and that's why they would train here and offer cut rate surgeries to Westerners. Not to say many other 1st world countries have excellent healthcare standards, but we have what we have because it is the richest country in the world by net.

About making a profit off of a procedure, or off of medicine, is communism or socialism the better system?
Old 19 December 2018, 16:37
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Originally Posted by CAVmedic View Post
About making a profit off of a procedure, or off of medicine, is communism or socialism the better system?
The issue from my point of view has little to do with profitability. These hospital systems have little incentive to increase efficiencies due to their relationship with the Gov't and insurance companies paying the bills.

Pricing is generally unknown until a bill is received and demand will always be high creating a bloated, inefficient system of healthcare.
Old 19 December 2018, 18:07
doitforjonny doitforjonny is offline
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Even when pricing is received, it varies with the wind.

CAT Scan in on Tuesday? 18,000 (down to 4,500 for the insurance schedule and you pay 1,500)

Same CAT Scan on Thursday 3 months from now? 19,500 (down to 5,300 for the insurance schedule and you pay 1,100)

3rd time for the CAT Scan? 14,000 and on and on.

Oh lets not mention the facility fee, the interpretation fee, the facility fee for the 2nd site the interpretation happens at, etc etc.

Government regulations, piled on top of insurance regulations, and sue happy lawyers using non contributors like homeless people and illegals drive even more regulation from both.

You can't stop the insurance problem without stopping the lawsuit problem, and when was the last time our government ever gave up something they had begun to regulate?

Oh that's right, Trump walked back oil and gas regulation, and within 24 months, we now export more than we import for the first time in 75 years.

We all know what the answer is, but it's too politically scary to execute.
Old 20 December 2018, 14:06
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Originally Posted by Steve83 View Post
You can't force costs down. You have to have market forces bring them down.
This wouldn't be forcing the costs down so much as removing some of the incentive for them to be that high in the first place.

Lasik and breast implants are far, far less expensive today than they were 25 years ago. Mainly because there was no insurance or government money to prop them up.
You're contradicting yourself I think- they are covered by insurance today, so if that's why they're cheaper... Those things are cheaper than they used to be because the number of providers has gone up and the equipment and process needed is cheaper. Did you mean they are MORE expensive today?

o get around this, and since DPC doesn't take insurance or any government programs, their go through mail-order prescriptions:

Wholesale prices are usually a fraction of the list.
Drug prices are high for a multitude of reasons, from sheer greed to subsidizing other countries to paying for research. As with healthcare in general there is no one thing that is keeping the cost up. I like that place, and as long as they always have access to the meds it's a good choice; a bit more expensive than using insurance (depending on your plan) but very doable. Unless you need something like Spiriva...pricey. And while there are other meds that might be able to be used in it's place...pricey as well.

2. As per your example, a broken arm is usually not that expensive of a procedure if you just paid cash for it. So, if you bought a plan with a high deductible, let's say $5,000, a fracture and cast should only cost about $2,000. If you don't have $2k on you, you could just finance the cost at the hospital.
Finance the cost at the hospital? Um...probably not. And even if you can, it doesn't change the owe that money.
Originally Posted by Streck-Fu View Post
Hospitals mostly charge more because a large volume of their patients don't pay. Since they are required by law to see the patients that show up, they have to make up costs from those that do pay.
Right, I mentioned that above. Prices are up to coverfor the people that don't pay, for the ancillary staff that isn't needed, for the admin that isn't needed, for the salaries for exec's that are to high, to subsidize research and charity...the list goes on and on. Lowering the amount that will be reimbursed, and in a way that makes it likely that a large percentage of people would be using that plan would drop how much got spent on some of those things, if only because the amount of money coming in dropped.
Old 20 December 2018, 14:41
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I'm tired of seeing the same post content that has been posted in threads about ACA, hopsital costs and other related sujects, being reposted here.

It's especially interesting to see some who actually think it will change.

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