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Old 25 December 2018, 19:05
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Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
I like Mattis. Always have going back decades.

He's welcome to quit, but IMO is tarnished because it appears he thinks what our "allies" think is more important than his boss fulfilling campaing promises he was elected on.

He also appears to think being engaged in continous war for almost 20 yrs is ok too.

Same Mattis who when he was in GO in uniform said words to the effect "I don't believe in resigning in protest because the LCpl's can't and they will have to bear the burden."
This encapsulates my sentiments on the subject. I understand Mattis' position but I want it all to be over.
Old 26 December 2018, 12:55
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Originally Posted by Jakers View Post
I saw that as well but, would that really work?

Congress and the various subcommittees can call anyone they want to come testify before them; might be some hemming and hawing before it happens but generally it does. If that's the case, even though it would be normal for the sitting Secretary of Defense to go before them, there wouldn't be any reason they still couldn't call on General Mattis if they wanted something to hit the President with mediawise.
Kung Fu Lawyer laid out what typically happens for former officials and their limited ability to produce documents. Usually, when former's are brought in they are just answer questions on what this or that agency's stance or thinking was at the time on whatever the issue is.

But another fun thing about formers is that there is a difference between being requested/invited and subpoenaed to testify. One of my favorite bits of theater was Rep. Linda Sanchez going after former AG John Ashcroft. He changed his tune about appearing when a subpoena was going to be issued. So he agreed to appear. Well, he appeared stayed through her opening statement, which was rough obviously. Then gave his brief statement, got up and left.

I'm not saying General Mattis is going to do that. I just find that stuff entertaining. I don't know if they've revised any of the rules or conditions. Apparently at the time showing up was enough to complete a request and he couldn't be held in contempt of congress for that "stunt".
Old 26 December 2018, 13:45
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Never served. On the civ side I have lost amazing employees, but one truth stands in my world: everyone is replaceable. I've seen revolving door billets. Some billets function, others don't.

Do mil/gov billets function like that? Is everyone replaceable to A team level?
Old 26 December 2018, 14:31
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To A team level? If you are referring to Tier 1 guys, that's out of my lane and cannot speak to it.

It has been my experience that everyone is replaceable. Not always immediately as team cohesion is thrown in the shitter. It has to be rebuilt. A good manager will plan for that inevitability even if it is he/she that is the one being replaced.
Old 26 December 2018, 14:36
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Originally Posted by Fubar View Post

It has been my experience that everyone is replaceable. Not always immediately as team cohesion is thrown in the shitter. It has to be rebuilt. A good manager will plan for that inevitability even if it is he/she that is the one being replaced.
I think a lot of people are replaceable, but I think when people throw around the "everyone" they treat it too casually. As you said it can seriously fuck up team cohesion. It can fuck up production, and it can result in a vast amount of knowledge walking out the door.

Can everyone be replaced? Sure. Eventually. Will the replacement operate at the same level? Fuck no. Will it cost you time and money to bring that replacement up to speed? Yep.

I mean some fool saw fit to stick a Fed data center in the middle of WV. Think I can replace cyber geeks in a month? 3? 6? 12? Not only with the skillset but with the background and the clearance and and who want to move to WV? Ha.

Generally people don't quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.*

*There's always the outliers who have an incredible opportunity (be it money or location). But generally people who quit for another job (not retirement) are leaving a boss or environment and environments are created by bosses.
Hey homo, its me -- Andy/SOTB
Old 26 December 2018, 14:41
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This thread has become annoying and frankly FB-like arguing over why people quit, when the former secdef made it very clear he disagreed with his boss in the resignation letter he shared with the press.

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