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Old 19 January 2014, 09:13
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Rest in peace. Thank you for your service and sacrifice from a grateful nation. Speedy recovery to those who were injured.

Here is a most recent news article from Cpt Carpenter's home town:
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Old 19 January 2014, 17:20
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Old 19 January 2014, 18:03
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I was in the area (Restaurant across the street from airfield) the evening when the bird went down. I understand it is being listed as a "hard landing" however the bird was laying on its side and much of the aft section was destroyed. It is a testament to the skill and equipment that anyone walked away.

My condolences to those and the families involved, growing up the son of a helo pilot I am constantly in awe of what these gents are able to do. It is a very sad day for our community. Since locating to Savannah, I have become great friends with quite a few of these guys at 3bn.

RIP Capt. Carpenter
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Old 20 January 2014, 00:09
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Rest in Peace Nightstalker.
Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times.
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Old 20 January 2014, 09:25
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Old 20 January 2014, 13:09
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Just finished reading Nightstalkers. I am in awe of their skills and grateful for their service.
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Old 21 January 2014, 14:16
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Went to the Memorial service this AM for Cpt. Carpenter. A well thought of man.

Sad to see this on the 15th anniversary of my retirement as a Shadow Company pilot.

This year will also mark the 25th anniversary of the organization and my relationship with it.
What is best in life:"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."
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Old 26 January 2014, 20:37
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RIP Sir...
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Old 2 February 2014, 09:34
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RIP Captain.
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Old 2 February 2014, 12:07
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RIP Brother.
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Old 3 February 2014, 21:41
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Godspeed and Blue Skies, Brother.
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Old 22 March 2014, 01:40
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RIP Brother.... NSDQ
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Old 22 March 2014, 03:38
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RIP brother
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