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Old 2 August 2017, 01:21
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Originally Posted by Sltwtr1 View Post
I am beyond shocked and saddened to say the least..

I am also a little confused about something. I have checked three times and it says March 21st beside the reporters name and directly above the article.

I just looked, and I wrote Luke an e-mail on July 5th about tax preparation for 2018. Luke wrote me back and answered my questions/provided the service on the same day, July 5th.

The article also refers to a trial coming up in April, as in in the future from March.

So is he out on bail pending sentencing and still working as if all is normal? Did he cut a plea and wont do jail.. Can he still practice as a CPA if he pled guilty..?



I'm with you on the shocked and saddened part. The worst part for me has been having to break the news to a good friend of mine who used Luke on my recommendation.

I assume that there is a flash to bang from his guilty plea at trial, and a sentencing hearing. How big of a delay I'm not sure, but I would have to imagine even with a plea bargain, someone guilty of racketeering conspiracy and falsifying income tax returns will be looking at some prison time. Serving as a witness against others in the case might have negated that...but I can't see him not doing time at all.

Considering what he pleaded guilty to, I'd also think his CPA license is revocable, effective at the time of the guilty plea, but according to this public database, it's still active and in good standing as of a few days ago. However, stranger administrative mistakes have occurred in California to be sure.

The reference to the April trial read as another defendant in the same case who went to trial in February, resulting in a mistrial, with the AUSA going for it again in April.
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Old 2 August 2017, 12:00
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I have heard from Luke.

I will post what he responded later when I am on a less restrictive network.

Bottom line is, he and the business are still up and running. He cut a sealed deal in March. His licence and all that are still good.

Will post more later.


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Old 2 August 2017, 12:07
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I have also used Luke since then to file my taxes. All was copacetic and as per SOP. This is a bit of a trip to read.
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Old 2 August 2017, 12:27
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Here it is:

Hey XXXX, thanks for emailing… I’ll give you the best answer I can. I finished my plea deal way back in March, so this is nothing new. When I told you I was all good in July, its because I am. What you don’t know, because the news is so into sensational news, is that I have a sealed plea deal…. Meaning that no one, including the news, knows what my deal is. The long and short, without going into what I am not supposed to talk about, is that you can’t battle the federal government. Too dangerous, expensive and risky and the bottom line is, my case comes down to intent. It is not black and white.

The things I did for my client are the same things I have done for many others. Starting business entities, offering tax advice and filing tax returns. The unfortunate thing in this case is that he was involved in some shady things that he never bothered telling me about. Because I did work for him, the government looked at it like I was “assisting a criminal organization”. From where I stand that is a major stretch as I never benefited from this in any way nor was I aware of the extend of his activity. So, I decided to put this behind me and cooperate with the government in every way possible, which included doing this plea deal.

I won’t know for sure where I stand until I am sentenced but my understanding from my deal is that I will be fine, continue to work and be able to put this in my past. My license is still active and I believe it will remain so. Business will continue as normal.

I appreciate all the support everyone has given me along with their trust and the only thing I would ask is that rather than look at this one black mark against me in 20 years of business, people look at the innumerable comments of great service, advice and assistance over the years. Most importantly realize that this was an issue between me and one bad client, not my tax practice, which will continue serving the contractor and overseas community in the same way it always has.

Hope that helps… you are welcome to post any or all of this and I welcome questions from anyone that is concerned in any way. But I want everyone to know I am fine and will be fine. Thanks!


For me personally. Until Luke or his firm cannot provide the same level of service I have received for years, I for one will continue.

I would also understand people being apprehensive and not wanting to continue.

Each to their own, but I will continue as I was.


"That's the problem with you people, you want results but you aren't willing to get your hands dirty!"

Jack Bauer
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Old 2 August 2017, 17:40
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Late to the conversation but if you're in the Clarksville AO, then use Burkhart Bookkeeping on Madison Street. they are used by just about everyone in 5th Group and 160th.

They have made my life as a contractor in CONUS and OCONUS much easier. They have saved me $$$$.
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Old 2 August 2017, 18:10
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Just as I thought and pretty much posted. IME he's done my overseas taxes in a matter I'm happy with and I'll have him do them this year.

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