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Old 27 February 2020, 13:52
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Originally Posted by MixedLoad View Post
Very much waiting for that. I visited the theater that's featured in the second season while I was in Berlin.
Better plan on calling in sick for work on Monday.

You know you are going to binge watch it all through Sunday evening/night.
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Old 28 February 2020, 01:34
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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
Better plan on calling in sick for work on Monday.

You know you are going to binge watch it all through Sunday evening/night.
Haha, I’m actually off from Monday yeah!
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Old 1 March 2020, 16:37
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I started this series last night and watched the 2nd episode this morning. If I didn't have plans with the wife and step-daughter today I'd be parked for at least S1. I went to IMDB after reading this thread and it's mostly 10/10.
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Old 3 March 2020, 14:27
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I had to re-watch season 2. Started the third season yesterday. Pretty wild series! It does not dissapoint! The European and other foreign series are pretty much catching my interest these days.
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Old 4 March 2020, 12:36
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At his point, I need rewatch the whole series to remember what
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Old 11 March 2020, 07:03
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It seems this series just got better as it progressed. Just finished season three and was impressed with how the storyline, acting and overall production took off. Hope they maintain this level in season 4
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