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Old 17 April 2002, 07:23
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Lightbulb Anti-globalisation movesments and the terrorism

I was considering about anti-globalisation movements,and I think that some radical groups can begin using terroristic mehods. Now they only start big riots, fight with the police destroy banks and Mc Donald's during these iots (remeber Prague or Seattle?).
But one day these activists can ry to plant a bomb or take hostages to make their fight well-known.
What do You think about this?
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Old 17 April 2002, 08:05
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Their fight is well known. Cover of Time isn't enough?
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Old 19 April 2002, 03:21
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Yes, but some of them can think that riots are not enough...
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Old 30 April 2002, 15:33
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I find it interesting that that "antiglobalization" theme is one embraced by both left wing extremists here and in Europe as well as the exteme right wing movement(White Supremacist/Christian Identity/The more extreme factions in the "militia" movement)i.e the "black helicopter" crowd.
I read an article the other day on one of the new network sites about a possible resurgence of Red Army Faction/Red Brigades type activity in Europe which seems to be related to the extreme wing of the Anarchist/Anti globalization movement.
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