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Old 27 May 2002, 07:33
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Radical groups of left in Europe?

Evryone knows such terroristic groups of the radical left such as RAF, Action Diecte, Red Brigades, and others...My question is: Do You think that any new groups can rise in the nearest future?
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Old 30 May 2002, 22:53
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The recent killing of an Italian cabinet minister was attributed to a leftist terrorist group, and there were stories about a resurgence of the Red Brigades. Without Soviet and other Warsaw Pact sponsorship, there is a lack of organization and resources, so you get individuals like the killer of Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands. Also, many old leftists like Joschka Fischer have grown fat and happy on the social democratic welfare state, and have abandoned their radical roots. Still, there are always true believers (witness the protesters at various World Bank and IMF confabs), so if someone got to organizing them, there is a danger of a resurgence.

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