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Old 31 December 2002, 15:37
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Taliban Online

Well, this will get several of you going-but what the heck, thought you might like to see what's being posted from the other side:
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Old 31 December 2002, 18:22
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That only confirms what I already knew, those extremists are very sick sick people that are a danger I swore to defend this country from. This includes the guy who runs that website, as you might read one particular editorial about what happened in Russia... I pity him, and would not be surprised if he ends up dead.

In fact it is horrible. I read that webpage, and they actually report some things alright. Yet they look at facts with blinders on both sides of their heads, with too narrow of a focus on just the present. They do not seem to be looking at future ramifications of actions in the world. If this is how they think, they are even more dangerous than I ever thought before. Stupid people do stupid things after all.
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Old 17 February 2003, 03:02
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The bad guys use forums such as this to send coded messages to each other, to coordinate operations, etc. The day prior to the Kenya Hotel Bombing and the attempted shooting down of an El Al jet, the following message was posted on a board frequented by Islamic Fundamentalists (followed by an analysis)

”Today, at 6:20 hours, there will be a surprise program, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen over our Qatari channel. Anyone who knows what I mean must tell no one so as to keep the surprise whose content everyone will love. Only God knows what I mean. The program forced me to write these lines at great speed and I ask God to forgive me and reserve Paradise and not Hell for me. The zero hour has come.”

At first glance, this appears to be an innocous post, but look at the following phrases

Zero hour has come - military language to start an operation

Surprise Program - Most terrorist attacks are surprises

Anyone who knows what I mean must tell no one - refers to operational security, this is a coded message that contains imbedded information, and this message is addressed to a select set of people who will be able to interpret the true meaning of this message

Paradise - often mentioned in Islam, but this happens to also be the name of the Hotel bombed in Kenya.
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