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Old 27 October 2019, 15:56
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I purchased my can(s) from elsewhere (eSilencers and ArmsUnlimited) and had them shipped to my dealer who has a SilencerShop kiosk at his location and is in their network. By my second purchase, all the relevant info from my purchase (plus the static information from my last Form 4) was pre-loaded into my new Form 4. All I did was sign and pay $200 (plus the $30 for the SilencerShop service fee). No fingerprints. No picture.

I live in Texas too, so the sales tax isn't an insignificant amount and I get your concern. The Form 3s that dealers use to do NFA transfers to other dealers are taking mere days to get approved by ATF. It almost seemed like regular shipping times.

Another thing I find amusing is that the SilencerShop CLEO notification goes to the Texas prosecuting attorney (Stacey Soule) and not some local judge/sheriff/etc.
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Old 27 October 2019, 16:37
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Much appreciated. I will take a look at those two dealers as well. I too, as others, am curious to see the length of time it takes. I intend on starting the process early next week, time permitting.

Again, Thanks!
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