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Old 22 June 2006, 16:51
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Here, I found the company that contracted to the USAF Survival School.

About TATE Incorporated
TATE, Incorporated was founded in 1994 to provide support to the high-risk operator, specifically focusing on personnel recovery. With approximately 250 employees, TATE is now the nation's leading contractor providing Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE), Peacetime Governmental Detention (PGD), Hostage Detention (HD), Personnel Recovery (PR) plans and operations and other sensitive training support to the U.S. government. TATE's current customers include the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Defense Intelligence Agency, and other governmental agencies.
Looks like they may only contract to the US Government. But when I asked a rep at school, he said they've done work for private companies.
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Old 22 June 2006, 20:24
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Thumbs up AMEN!

Originally Posted by ODA 564
When I was last involved (2003) the focus was still on the former type of "threat".

If you review how the Afghan Muj treated most of their Soviet prisoners and how AQ in Iraq (and the other Iraqi jihadists) treat their captives, well, its best to just go out fighting than be captured. And if you are captured, follow the example of Fabrizio Quattrocchi ("I'll show you how an Italian dies!").

Captured US personnel are not going to be traded back ala' Jill Carroll. Jihadists may attempt to exploit captured US personnel for propoganda, but sawing your head off with a rusty knife is far more effective propoganda for them than coercing a 'confession' out of you or find out some tidbit of tactical knowledge.

I don't know how you resist when some AQ or Mahdi Army or whatever shitbird is sawing your head off like he would slaughter a halal goat. He's doing that to demonstrate you are a subhuman kufur animal that is his to kill as he wishes. He doesn't want to make you "confess" to germ warfare or being a Yankee air pirate or to make a antiwar statement or even convert to Islam.
Lucky I'm not still out there...:D

Stay safe.
I dont want to live in a country with a brittle spirit, I want to live amongst soldiers.

Dave Chappelle
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