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Old 12 July 2009, 14:29
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I am Dr Nicolas Stone,Specialist Employment Lawyer in United
State.thanks for your response and i am glad to tell you that i want a
Bodyguard for my wife in the United Kingdom she is on vacation for two
week in her work,so she decided to come down to the state for
shopping,We are a citizen of UK but we both based in US,she is coming
down from US you will never have problem with her because she is
accommodating and friendly her pics will be send to you later......

Am okay with you as regards the security job,also for accepting the
offer.I have contacted my Wife concerning the job and for other purpose
which she might need you for,which she told me is okay by her,i believe
you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself a
reliable and and good person.she will be in your area for 2 weeks on
vacation,A Driver and Chauffeur is already in place for this visit.she
will be going for shopping 3 times a week and she will be spending at
list 3hours for shopping in a day on the days she goes out.Your jobs is
to make sure nothing goes wrong with her you are to secure her every
where she goes and make sure she is safe and make her feel safe.

Her arrival date should be 30th January.A car and a driver is already
available for her movement.I am offering you 500pounds per week,You are
to make your self available for her only when she is going out
shopping. So i will make a one week deposition before her arrival so
that i will be assured that i had secured your services.Also i want you
to know that my client who is in Uk will be sending you a check which i
want you to know that the remaining funds will be used by my Wife for
her travel expenses,accommodations and any other expenses,Get back to
me with the

following details of yours ,

1.Full name:
2.Address,city/location,postal code:
3 Phone number:

if you are good with the offer so that the paycheck can be forwarded to
you as soon as possible and i will appreciate quick response from you.


Thanks and please get back to me asap.
Dr Nicolas stone


How are you doing today? Well I will like to make a payment of one
week down. What do you think? Can I have your personal details so I can
make the payment[/I]'
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Old 12 July 2009, 15:18
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I regret to inform you that, after previewing the photos of your wife, I will have to decline future employment with you. She is, unfortunately, not up to my standards. I went ahead and cashed your check. Thanks for nothing.
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Old 13 July 2009, 10:13
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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
This is what's known as an "Advanced Fee Scam". They will send you a check, which you cash and send them a portion of it, usually with a FedEx. It will have some type of statement saying it must be done immediately.
Once your bank finds out the check is stolen, or forged, your account will be debited for the amount of the check.
Obviously, stay clear of any type of scam like this.
If you want any more info on how this works, or how to possibly follow-up, PM me.
Absolutely. I work for a bank, and it always amazes me how many variations of the same scam. What kills me are the members of the senior community that actually fall for wire scams. I can only assume that in this case the individuals in question don't fully understand that they're targeting a group of people that have (in some cases) access to all kinds of databases. Regardless, since all information provided is probably false, it usually doesn't yield a positive outcome. I've never seen this particular angle (which doesn't mean much) but when I do stumble across something like this, I usually forward to my fraud department. Otherwise, I suppose you could use link to report this and maybe give a general heads up.
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Old 14 July 2009, 01:37
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Originally Posted by Nomad275 View Post
Steer clear. This has Nigeria written all over it.
ditto- I was waiting for the part about a Nigerian Princess..who had to flee the countrybut just needs a bank acct to sent the $ K's too. And having been there I sure as hell didnt see any...
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Old 15 July 2009, 10:18
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saw this one today.

I need guard who is fit and active to be a security for my fiancee. Not necessarily a full time security guard but someone with a security and guarding technique and instincts. Applicant should

-end of post

looks like (s)he needs to work on the copy/paste skills also.
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