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Old 5 January 2012, 00:13
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You are not forgotten, Nate. Rest in Peace.
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Old 6 January 2012, 21:14
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I was one of his instructors in the QC. Stood out as a Warrior then. RIP brother. Gone but never forgotten.
"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once"
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Old 25 February 2012, 20:16
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Hard to believe it's been over ten years now. I have a few stories I could recollect about Nate during the few years that he and I served in the same company C Co 3/1 SFG(A) two doors down the hall. Nate was was always the comedian, could make most any situation seem far more palatable than it was. Laughter was his weapon of choice in a serious debate. But Nate was also one those that people turned to when serious answers were needed to accomplish something where risk was heavy. Few would know, and during the "Peacetime Army" Nate sought out danger and conflict. IIRC Nate was with the 82nd and deployed to Grenada, then he signed up for Ranger Battalion just before Panama and went there too. His class "A" looked more like a PX hero, but he had earned them. I can't recall from memory at this point but he was also involved in either Mogidishu or GW1 before coming in to SF. So for a "Peacetime Army", Nate had collected all the trophies so far. When Op Enduring Freedom kicked off I was on my way out the door. But, before I left I had heard the news of that fateful day. Our Group wasn't even involved at this point but Nate had a skill (MOS) that was in short supply and he had volunteered again to go into harms way. This time he would not return. His memorial and honoring was a heartfelt moment by all who attended and seeing his name etched into the Granite stone of Fallen Heros was but the first in an every increasing list of friends and comrades of mine that have been added since.

Nate, you will never be forgotten by the people you knew and those who you touched along the way.

First in Asia, Last to Leave!
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Old 18 April 2016, 08:46
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Here is a nice write-up on Mr. Chapman from the Washington Post
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