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Old 22 April 2008, 01:07
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Delta Check

I had a bizarre encounter with a man who claimed to be a retired Colonel of 1st SFOD-D. He also said that he was one of the Delta operators sent to Somalia in '93 for Operation Gothic Serpent. He claimed that he retired about 4 years ago and settled down in Colorado to become a home contractor and apparently amassed a fortune building luxury homes in Aspen.

I would have taken him more seriously had I not met him working as a landscape company supervisor earning $13 per hour in BFE, Virginia. He seemed knowledgeable about SF and the military in general and definitely was tough as nails, but this could have simply been a good ole boy who had driven nails all his life with a wild imagination and penchant for tall tales...

Name is admin edit or admin edit. I actually saw his vehicle registration, so I know that is his real name. I googled him ad nauseam and to no avail. Nothing came up on him. That's all I got. I liked the guy, but found it hard to believe that he was not only Delta, but a Delta Commander and full bird.

Any help would be great.

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Old 22 April 2008, 10:07
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1st SFOD-D is not discussed here.
Whether or not the man you met was ever a part of the unit is of no consequence other than to fulfill your personal curiosity.
Your personal curiosity is not a priority.

Thread closed.

I cannot empathize with a slackard, a shirker, and a coward. I would probably kick your ass as well, if one of the other members didn't beat me to it.
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