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Old 15 December 2008, 17:07
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I got motivated too

After a 2year layoff after retiring, I'm back in the gym at 0500-0645 5 days a week.

Lost 4 pounds the first week- i know its probably just water weight but i'm staying hydrated.

Worked up to an hour on the ellyptical trainer- they have one kind that allows you to increase the 'slope' on your workouts- that gets me pretty warmed up to start working the weight pile.

Jostha- recommend that you defintely get on an ellyptical trainer or stationary bike to get those joints of yours lubed up with synovial fluid prior to doing anything else. Vary your routine to prevent boredom.

STRETCH!!!!! can't emphasize this enough. Stretch after a warm-up (side straddle hop, pushups, turn and bend at slow cadence), after all you might be feeling froggy but your muscles need that stretch just like you wouldn't throw a prime ribeye on the grill frozen, the muscles in your body need a warm and stretch so they have less chance of injury during the 'intense' phase of your work out.

Drink Water! Drink before you work out, while you are working out, and drink after to help flush lactic acid from your muscles.

You can work the abs every day- they are forgiving but make sure you stretch them frequently if you're going to work them hard each day. Nothing is funnier than seeing a 225lb guy curled and mewling like a 6 year old when his abs cramp him into a human armadillo...

Just a few morsels for thought from a guy that USED to be in excellent shape and now is paying the price for SLOTH..
Shallow men believe in luck; strong men believe in cause and effect
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