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Old 14 August 2019, 21:13
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Neal Stephenson: "The rise and fall of D.O.D.O"

This guys is hands down my favorite author. I just finished his latest tome: "Fall, or Dodge in Hell", which was a grandiose, self-indulgent romp through near future sci-fi, where what happens when technology makes mankind immortal through the ability to upload your mind to a server. I wanted to recommend it to everybody, but realized that you really have to be a hard core fan of this guy to love it, as it spends countless hundreds of pages basically re-enacting Milton's "Paradise Lost" in what is basically a video game server, but I feel it has profound meditations on the nature of our reality.

What I would like to recommend instead is his book "The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O"

In this book, we explore what happens when the Pentagon discovers magic actually existed back in the day, and only ended when the first photographs of an eclipse were taken back in the late 1800's (something to do with Quantum physics and freezing a moment in time throughout the collective subconscious) and they come up with a technological means to restoring the magic abilities of witches, which they soon discover involves the ability to send operatives into the past.

What happens next is the hilarity you'd expect from a completely incompetent and politically correct command structure as they attempt to exploit this new "soft power" ability and it results in complete chaos and disaster. It is such a fun book I've read it 3 times (I fly alot).

I recommend all of this guys books, but if you read any, this one or "Snow Crash" is where to start.
The history of the world is the history of war between secret societies"
- Robert Anton Wilson, "The Illuminatus Trilogy"
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Old 14 August 2019, 23:05
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He is awesome. I'd never heard of him before, stumbled onto Cryptonomicon and couldn't put it down. That was 10 years ago, I've now read everything he's written. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

Highly recommend The Baroque Cycle as well.
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Old 15 August 2019, 00:35
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I am so confused. But it's Mako so I'll check out the damn book.
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Old 16 August 2019, 12:49
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I'll put it on the list. Thanks for the recommendation.
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