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Old 12 March 2009, 09:01
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Come over to the koolaid drinking side, dude....

+2 to what SOTB said. CF is one of the more inclusive groups out there. If you ever get the chance to go to a cert, please do so. It's an insane amout of knowledge, as much practice and coaching than your glutes can handle, and the people are really F'in cool.

...and CF & the zone diet is a pretyy damn quick way to drop that 30lbs too.
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Old 12 March 2009, 09:12
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Originally Posted by Gryfen-FL
....and CF & the zone diet is a pretyy damn quick way to drop that 30lbs too.
Without going into great detail, after a serious shoulder injury this Fall, coupled with my own inherent laziness and the subsequent arrival of the holiday eating season (I really, REALLY, like to eat), I put on far more weight than I had anticipated.

The orthopedist gave me a clean bill of health in Jan, and within a month I had dropped 15lbs and 2 belt-notches. I don't use any particular diet except to not allow any portions on the plate to touch each other (thereby reducing portion sizes), drink nothing that has sugar (pretty much leaving only water and diet-drinks), and no bread (zero). This coupled with an exercise regimen that generally has a 5-10 min warmup and 20 min of exercising (+/-, but many WODs are about 20 min in length). The following month saw no further weight reductions, but I dropped another 2 belt notches, so that was cool.

More than 75% of my workouts were in a non-gym environment....
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