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Old 16 December 2017, 14:59
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RIP Sir! Thanks guys, for sharing the memories.
"The nice thing about Twitter, in the old days when I got attacked it would take me years to get even with somebody, now when Iím attacked I can do it instantaneously, and it has a lot of power. You see some genius statements on Twitter. You see some statements coming out which are Ernest Hemingway times two." - The Trumpmeister
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Old 16 December 2017, 15:50
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A man of much honor. Remembering a good friend is also honorable.
...when in doubt...over prime.
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Old 4 August 2018, 12:41
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10 years.

For Tubes, and the other good men lost from TF-87, RC-West CJSOTF-A, rest easy. Keep watch until the rest of us arrive.
Lifeís barely long enough to get good at one thing. So be careful what you get good at.
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Old 4 August 2018, 14:42
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Rest in Peace Tubes.
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Old 4 August 2018, 16:51
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We'll never forget your sacrifice.
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Old 4 August 2018, 16:54
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May you continue to Rest In Peace, Brother!

Lest we forget....
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Old 10 August 2018, 15:02
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Rest in Peace warriors.
"Look Sharp, Act Sharp, Be Sharp - But don't cut yourself!"
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