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Old 18 September 2016, 16:16
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Originally Posted by Hotmike View Post
Chappie should have gotten the MoH in my opinion...

Blue Skies Warrior
Looks like there is still hope. RIP John.
Tied to the whippin’ Post...
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Old 18 September 2016, 17:18
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John Chapman's actions speak for themselves, and echo through Valhalla as they are. A Medal of Honor changes nothing. A Medal of Honor does not make his actions any more honorable, heroic, or extraordinary. Not giving him a Medal of Honor does not lessen his actions in any way. A Medal of Honor is some cheap alloy and a blue ribbon. That is all. Some of you need to either remember that, or figure it out for the first time.
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Old 24 September 2016, 06:51
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This stud fought to the end with everything he had. I was always impressed with the CCT folks. Highly trained and professionals.

I don't reckon I got no reason to kill nobody...

Karl Childers
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Old 25 September 2018, 13:24
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Finally recognized his supreme sacrifice... Blue Skies Chappy!
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