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Old 27 August 2014, 16:06
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Outstanding. Cant wait to read more man.
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Old 27 August 2014, 16:12
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Originally Posted by magician View Post

I will try to finish by next October 25.
No pressure was just asking.
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Old 4 January 2018, 12:13
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I forgot about this thread.

I did not manage to publish until 25 October of 2017! That took some time. :)

I messed around with GooglePlay and GoogleBooks today, uploaded a corrected version that fixes the typo on the last page of the book and on a photo caption that belongs to Czar.

Momma is going upcountry in a couple of days so I will pivot to a book on the Pedophile Pandemic while she is gone. I prefer to work on material that pisses me off when she is not home.

I hope not to get overly mired rewriting that book, all 48 installments of which were previously posted on my website. But the chapter on Hollywood pedophilia requires a rewrite, and an update addressing the Big Harvey spectacle.

I am wondering whether that was not a dress rehearsal for a coming circus exposing pandemic pedophilia throughout Hollywood, Washington, and New York.

Or considered another way, a pandemic afflicting Hollywood, politics and finance. I also need to consider the nexus between pedophilia and the deep state.

We now agree that an entity that we call the deep state exists. I wrote an article defining it some time back. Like most other articles that I write, it vanished into oblivion.

Addressing how pandemic pedophilia relates to the deep state....hard question. It is all too easy to repeat the old chestnut, that intelligence agencies use pedophilia as a means to compromise targets.

There is not much independent confirmation of that, and there is evidence that it happens more than we would like to be true.

The implications for the Republic if there is an entity coercing politicians like Dennis Hastert are dire.
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Old 4 October 2018, 16:08
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Magician -- thought you would enjoy knowing that No. 1 son has gotten approval from his high school English teacher to read the memoir for class. He tells me he'll be finishing the book tonight.
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Old 9 December 2018, 19:14
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I scanned through Revelation: A Screed on Dreams and Worlds Without End. As a result of your open book approach, have also purchased it. Have read/purchased your first book too and will be getting the others. As a compendium it puts forth a genuinely novel position. It needs to be archived somewhere in the library of congress or national archives as a treasure.


First off, I agree with Yon's position and believe your autoethnography is ahead of its time though not soo far off as some may think. I'm not sure many will get it immediately; however, I believe the timing is at the cusp of potentially some major shifts/evolution in humanity (next industrial revolution, AI, evolution of the human brain/consciousness, etc.). The universe finds mysterious ways to communicate in times of major shifts and the synchronocity is powerful.

1) The concepts you've woven together in a written form, which can be limiting to what you're doing, is incredible. Life experiences, philosophy, religion, science, sociology, psychology, etc... Very difficult to do.

2) Your integration across across the external and internal realms is masterful. Few can dip into the ephemeral collective and individual unconscious, and come back out of the rabbit hole. You have live access to non-linear constructs in a way I don't think I've ever come across. Psychologically, the way you negotiate going into the primordial shadow (shadow isn't bad) of yourself, the collective, and your brotherhood is visceral and flows of spirit.

3) At minimum, your writing should be taken in from how you make meaning of the world through lived (conscious or unconscious) experiences and how that informs your relationship with yourself and the world around you. This journey honors those that have shared your experiences, shaped you, and the lives that carry on within you as a keeper of memories. Its a heavy burden to hold with a physical and psychological toll, but also one that has strength, generosity, dedication, and cares. Its the true burden and privilege of leadership.

4) The authoethnographical account in terms of meaning making experiences follows along what Robert Kegan outlines in his book, The Evolving Self where life is a series of tilts and negotiating those tilts/truces is how we grow. Getting stuck or not having an opportunity to live/negotiate the "stage" due to traumatic events or just skipped experiences creates a skewed developmental growth. With post traumatic stress also comes post traumatic growth in this spiral growth. Equilibrium rarely exists and usually signifies a change in direction is near (an apogee). Other psychologists, theologians, and philosophers have similar concepts that you capture. As a learning exercise, I am thrilled with all the reference material as I'm seeing stuff haven't seen or just topically aware of. Not a criticism, rather an affirmation. This goes to my last point...

5) You could have gotten an PhD in Philosophy or interdisciplinary studies with the level of detail, research, conceptual integration, etc. put into this - though I understand its not what drives you nor should it. The quality of the material is that good, in my humble opinion. Not everyone will agree with you or your conclusions and that's Ok - the way your thoughts are constructed have logical novelty to it. Many may not yet get it, as it requires deep comprehension of psychology, religion, and lived experiences in a way that few have right now, maybe not in the future.

Thank you for putting non-linear experiences you been subject to, in words, that can be accessed as an object by others. Truly complex, really rich work. I can only image that in my struggle coming up with words for this review is challenging, building what you have done is monumental.
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