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Old 12 October 2018, 01:09
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Not to resurrect an old thread, but you can get an original Google Pixel (unlocked bootloader) in good condition for less than $200 on

Pixel is still an excellent phone, still gets the best updates first, and will do 90% of what all the new flashy phones will do. Still has one of the best camera's in the business.

Safer than buying a phone from a chinese company... if not for that I'd look seriously at Xiaomi phone.

OnePlusT is an excellent choice - just the Pixel 1 is 99% as good and $300 cheaper.

Spiritual successor to the Nexus line.

- Local just pre-ordered his Pixel 3.
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Old 12 October 2018, 06:45
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Originally Posted by Local View Post

Safer than buying a phone from a chinese company...
(Pixel) HTC is from Taiwan - not Chinese? iPhone's are Chinese too Good info though, $200 is a steal.
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Old 13 October 2018, 05:37
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There's a Oneplus 6T incoming for worldwide distribution.
More of an evolution than revolution but the pricing still looks decent.
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