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T.E.E.S. Mechanical, Ballistic, and Thermal Breaching coming to Santa Clara, CA

SB Approved.

T.E.E.S. will be coming to Santa Clara, CA for a three day class in Mechanical, Ballistic, and Thermal Breaching. The class dates are June 30 - July 2nd. This will be a perfect opportunity for Bay Area LE agencies to take advantage of a class that's being taught locally vs sending someone TDY outside CA to their training facility.

The aim of this 3 day course is to introduce the student to operationally proven drills and procedures that pertain to the use of mechanical, ballistic, thermal, and cutting means in order to affectively breach doors, windows and soft wall targets.

On the successful completion of this course, the student will possess the necessary skills to accurately perform a target analysis and select the most suitable tool to gain access into the stronghold.

Course content includes:

History and theory and non-explosive methods of entry
Mechanically breaching of doors opening in and outward
Mechanically breaching of windows
Defeating Barricaded doors
Negotiating / defeating fences
Ballistic breaching (using Remington 12 gauge shotgun)
Thermal breaching (Using BROCO torch)
Quickee saw breaching
All tactics to include approach, negotiating obstacles,and actions at the breach point
Scenario based training

Equipment Requirements Range training uniform (long sleeve)
Nomex gloves
Body armor w/ Molle attachments (no armor plates)
Tactical belt
Eye and ear protection
Weapon (rifle or pistol - NO AMMUNITION)

cost is 750.00

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