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Old 20 February 2002, 13:23
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I shattered my ankle, had pins put in it 7 days after I broke it due to swelling and such (location also). But to anyone that has broke a bone bad, you all know the PAIN!. You don't think about shit! You even don't want to shit because of the PAIN! I couldn't imagine being sent home 2 days later, who is going to monitor all the drugs the are giving you for the PAIN? I guess BB is so high speed that he declined medication and is going to tough it out.
Trust but Verify

Old 20 February 2002, 13:36
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When I was about 13 I busted both hands up pretty bad. Broke my right wrist, right thumb, right index, left pinky,left ring, and left middle finger.

Broken bones are no good and if I had the option of sitting at home in pain or being in the hopital with a busted leg. Id be hooked up to that drip drip drip. I think most of us would.

12 years later and my fingers are still crooked.

If I had it all to do over again, I would just get myself drunk and jump right back in.

Jimmy Buffett
Old 20 February 2002, 13:39
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I think this is his yahoo profile:
Trust but Verify

Old 20 February 2002, 14:31
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His injuries must be worse than we feared. He posted within days of his catastrophic "accident," but now he is completely silent.

God, a poser wannabe. How's THAT for lame?

Old 20 February 2002, 14:48
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My money is that he shipped if ****** was right with the timeline. Either that, or he realizes he was busted. Imagine that.
Old 20 February 2002, 15:06
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Maybe its the generation?

Ok I dont get it.......this kid is going to join the army.... so he does a little recon on the internet (wish I had had the same PRIVLEDGE) and comes in to contact with wiegal and a few other BTDTs on this board with some smart ass comments.( Note on this for you non BTDT will never understand the shit talking we military guys do to each other while we dont think you can come on an internet board and be one of the will only get your feelings hurt.) So this BB idioit who has shown his mug to the world... is now ready to ship off to benning...and instead of just fading away...hoping no one will recgonize his ugly mug while at Benning... he spouts off a bunch off shit about some accident he never had ..... I just dont get it . Now he caused himself much pain...he should have stayed under the radar.
Old 21 February 2002, 11:28
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Ok, I've been reading all these posts, etc. etc. etc.

Here is the moral of the story, and SocNet for that matter:

If you come on here, posting something about yourself that could possibly have holes, looking for sympathy, DON'T.

In case you all haven't noticed, people here question EVERYTHING. It's a simple fact, because given our time in the military, you get tossed around and around with assholes and liars. Even the most trusting soldier comes out of the Army with his eye on everyone because he's been lied to so many times and BS'd around.

If you're gonna post stuff here, people are going to question it. Plain and simple. If you post something of a serious nature, given recent circumstances, you will be scrutinized. I don't believe in coincidence. Heat got turned up on BB, and he posted a whiny sympathy post. Hey BTDT's, remember the kids in Airborne or RIP that would limp off holding their hip or something when they failed a PT Test or something? They'd limp offalmost CRYING because they didn't make the run or whatever, and immediately grab their hip or something to make it look like they were hurt. I've seen it a thousand times. This is what BB did.

Wannabes, keep your posting down to questions and REAL stories about yourself ONLY. If you go outside the circle, it's gonna get questioned. Pay attention to how the BTDT's post... sure, there might be a funny story of how we fucked up, but you don't see Sharky talking about his 3 inch Dick or anything...hahaha (I know shark, it's not that big...hahaha) or ****** talking about how he gets laid everyday (hahahah 'cept by your fist you insensitive bathtard...hahaha)

Just keep it simple. I personally will respect you more if you come in going "Hey, I'm a bit scared of whats coming, so if anyone has some advice... please help" or said something like "Hey, what was THIS like when you were in, or how did YOU act for this... etc."

Think about it.
Old 2 March 2002, 08:07
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I hate it when someone plays everyone else along with hooah talk and then pusses out when the moment comes.
Old 4 March 2002, 03:14
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Refering to dumb-asses' website:

The British SAS motto is: "Who Dares Wins"
NOT "Those Who Dare, Win"

Geez, are there anymore mottos he can put up there?

I know it may be petty, but since we've initialized the FPF ...
Old 4 March 2002, 11:43
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This guy's a fuck.. One look at his web-site can tell you that..
he should stick to riding his skate board or whatever it is he does...
Old 2 May 2002, 01:45
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OK, I just saw this thread, so I had to post what happened to me on MY worst day ever.

See, I was just about halfway through my 3rd lap around the Sahara Desert, when I came over this sand dune and ran smack into an Egyptian pyramid that was going about 50mph. OK, maybe I am exaggerating, but it felt like 35, so I know it was going at least 27. I would have seen it, but I was distracted by the 3 eighteen yr. old Egyptian honeys I was with at the time. I had one on each of my balls, and one on my shoulders with her sweetness in my face. I was really pushing it (cuz I am going to be the baddest Delta Ranger Recon SEAL there ever was), carrying a 200lb. pack, and dragging my 20 ft. long, 350 lb. cock behind me. The rub rash from the sand is pretty bad, but it doesn't really get unbearable until about your 5th lap around the desert--I found that out the hard way! A nice swim back home across the Atlantic usually cools it off, if you can stand the stinging from the salt water.

Anyway, the damn pyramid kept right on going, and rolled right over me. Now I have broken every bone in my body, but I am able to post on SOCnet because I plan on toughing this out, and like I said, I am definitely Ranger Delta Force CIA Special Ninja SWAT material. Since my family runs the hospital, I got all the best doctors from around the world to fly in and take care of me. I will ship out in a week thanks to their expertise and my ultimate bad ass powers of healing quickly. Just thought everyone should know....
Old 2 May 2002, 04:05
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Holy fuck knob that is some funny shit!!! Did the guy who got ran over and fell off the mountain ever heal???
Old 5 May 2002, 00:05
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saw this post alittle late but just wanted to say something about the whole pins in the bone thing. A couple of years ago i broke my wrist really badly- In fact the part of the bone broke through my skin. I did this at about 3 oclock pm-about an hour later i was in the emergency room and after X rays etc. the doctor decided they needed to put two metal pins in my arm to hold the broken bone together i guess (after arm was healed the pins were taken out). Well anyway by twelve oclock that night, eight hours after i had gone in i was out of the hospital. 2.5 months later my arm was healed. Thats no BS. I guess that shows that theoretically this guy could have gotten his surgery done pretty quickly. I really want to beleive this guy cause it would be seriously gay if he made all that crap up so im trying come up with a logical answere to the stuff he has said. Also did anyone call the hospital yet to check this guy out?
Old 5 May 2002, 00:11
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one other thing thing- i was checking this guys website out and look what the guy says-". I don't want ANYONE to tell me not to do something."-I would think that sort of mentality isnt very good for anyone who wants to be in the military.
Old 9 May 2002, 03:11
black lotus
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boc boc...
Old 23 July 2003, 11:18
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My opinion, FWIW, anybody who runs while wearing headphones is a candidate for the headliner position in the next JACKASS movie.

You've got to be a complete IDIOT to do such a dangerous thing...

SHEESH... Might as well give loaded pistols to the chimps in the zoo...

These kids are fookin NINTENDO generation types. All about gimmi the cash, me me me me. No wonder the Army catered to them with the Army of fookin One.

"To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee, for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee"
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Old 23 July 2003, 12:36
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I find this thread to very amusing :) it can make a bad day turn fun... It's amazing what stories ppl can come up with..

MANY of you come up reason why this is a BS story and I have to say that I find it hard that he:
left from the hospital... that is a law suit just waiting to happen unless he went witout DR consent and thats WITH A BROKEN HIP is stupid and dangerous(blood clots and all)

Thanks for brighting up my day :)
Old 23 July 2003, 12:55
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Re: Worst day of my life...EVER

Originally posted by BenningBOUND
I have been taught an important lesson. I have learnned that I cannot block a earthmover drivign at 30 mph. Peraps a explanation is in order...I went on my daily run. 7 miles with a ruck packed with 70 pounds of wieghtlifting wieghtds. I run hills, so I was on a fire trail that runs up mt. uminum. here I was trucking along when I come around a corner ad SMACK right into this fukin bulldozer! Okay, maybe not a bulldozer, but a meduim size earthmover's bucket. The impact through my ass off the fire road, down a hill and I ended up (so i am told) in the creek about 150ft down. I am unconscious and my hip is slashedd and brojen. They call a "lifeflight" in to get me, I am still unconcsoius. i wake up in the orthopedic ward at o'connor hospital with the worst pain of my life and a huge fukin cast from my waist to my ankle. Come to find out that the orthopedic surgeon is on holiday and will be back on monday. Luckily for me, mt sister is an administrator at this very hospital ans she convinces the docs to let me go home ater almost two days in the hospital. have a appointment on monday witht the ortho surgion to see if they will have to put my leg back together with meata; pins.....I haven't talked to my recruiter yet, I know my plans are definetly on hold but what I want to know is if they put pins in me, will thay be an atuo matic DQ? I am not looking for sympathy, jist an honest answer...I can't sleep right now, the pain and percocet are conspiring against me.
this poster obviously has no idea how his injuries would have been treated had he really been hurt.

there can be no truth to this a rule, open pelvic fractures/hip fractures as he describes are NOT they are treated with bedrest, possibly traction... and ultimately surgery. IV antibiotics are used for at least three days...usually longer depending on the size of the wound, cleanliness, etc. NO ONE casts fractures that even get treated with casts in unresponsive patients...they get splinted to avoid complications of swelling the unconscious patient cannot tell you about...

if he was unconscious he would not have "awoken" on the ward...he would have been in a monitored setting to be observed and probably intubated on a ventilator until he proved he could protect his airway...

he is probably just looking to see how many responses...and to his joy i added one more. And fyi, if a level I or II trauma center was available and a lifeflight picked him up he would have gone to either as he meets trauma criteria in all states being unconscious...

just my .02 cents
Old 23 July 2003, 13:19
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Notice his Yahoo profile was last update on 7-14-03

It said NOTHING about being in the military...

Gee, he looked pretty healthy in the profile picture too.

Damn, recycling year-old threads... ain't it great?
Old 23 July 2003, 14:03
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I, for one, am glad y'all recycled this thread. I missed it the first go 'round and it has provided me with some much needed entertainment.

During the rectification of the Vuldronaii the Traveler came as a large, moving Torb. Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants they chose a new form for him—that of a giant Sloar. Many Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Sloar that day, I can tell you.

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