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Old 10 May 2008, 21:16
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Destroyer christened in honor of MOH recipient, Vietnam POW

I have to admit not knowing very much about Admiral Stockdale other than his VP run with Perot. This is definately a well deserved honor.
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Old 11 May 2008, 22:35
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I had the pleasure to meet Adm. Stockdale at the funeral in Coronado of one of his fellow POWs some years ago who was a friend of mine. Stockdale spoke about their experiences in Hanoi at the service. He was, by all accounts, a very remarkable person. I can't wait until the ship arrives here to see it.
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Old 11 January 2019, 23:43
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Resurrecting a necropost rather than start a new one. I just watched a documentary on the Smithsonian Channel, titled 'The Spy in the Hanoi Hilton'. I have read quite a bit of Adm. Stockdale's heroics resisting the NV during his time as a POW but was unaware that he was "recruited" as a spy via his wife's letters and was able to pass on information to the CIA and ONI. From what the documentary said, this was not disclosed until the early 1990's, I've never heard of it. A great watch if the Smithsonian Channel is on your cable roster. Much of the show was also told by his son and widow. The link below contains clips from the hour long documentary.
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