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Old 30 January 2015, 21:58
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Black Hawk history

Some of you guys might have ridden a time or two on this machine. This is a 1hr video posted on fb by a close friend of mine. The history of the Hawk is fascinating and closely allied with the Special Ops community. Several of my brothers are adding SME commentary. At the end Mike Durant has about 15 minutes of his personal thoughts vis-a-vis POW status. Very interesting history.

Man, those were the days.
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Old 9 February 2015, 12:09
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Cool video. Even got to see the back of my head... (now famous pic/video of us doing a photo shoot by the Knik Glacier). Not too many videos out there chronicling the development process, that was neat to see.

I would like to see some emphasis sometime of the -60 in it's non-SOF roll- SAR, etc. A whole documentary could be made just on Alaska SAR exploits, and it would be interesting. Not that SOF doesn't play a huge roll in the history of the -60, it's just that the BHD story has been told several times over. As a former crew chief, some more technical stuff would be interesting too.
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