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Old 3 January 2013, 01:36
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Gerry Parks

Mods please modify or couple this post with my other as you see fit. Gerry was every soldiers' best friend and she was one of SF wife to the end. Please give her the honor she earned. Thank you Cheri Radtke

I am posting in two places because some of you don't frequent the Lounge -

Many of you may not have know her. Or so you think. She was the one who got boots in the right size, uniforms that actually fit, and the poncho liner in the color you needed.

She was married to Spider Parks who many of you know from the books and documentaries about SF in Viet Nam. She knew those stories first hand because she lived them with Spider.

When that marriage became impossible (as many SF Marriages do) Gerry kept doing what all wives do...she made deployments easier and safer for thousands of soldiers.

Gerry was my friend, my neighbor and she made my husband's life safer, easier and more well equipped. I can't tell you the number of times I called her office asking for whatever it would take to make an ODA more productive, qualified or safer. She came through every time. I am not sure of the number of teams who owe Gerry their lives...I only know they number in the thousands.

Gerry served the Gov't for more than 20 years as a GS. We don't know her name or her title. We know she was married to Robert - Spider - Parks and that she loved him and she loved all of SF but especially 7SFG(A). She was my friend and I will miss her for her happy heart. 7SPFG(A) will miss her as an asset that won't soon be replaced. God Speed and Fair Winds My Friend.
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Old 3 January 2013, 15:45
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This can certainly stay here...Thank you for posting it up.

We are all thankful for the service of women such as Gerry. And we mourn the loss of your friend with you.
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Old 3 January 2013, 21:28
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RIP, ma'am, and thank you for your selfless service. My condolences, Ms. Radtke.
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Old 3 January 2013, 21:37
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Rest easy, thanks for the years of devoted service.

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