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Narrowband SATCOM Manger

SB Approved

Narrowband SATCOM Manager position opening.

About the Positions - we have a Narrow Band Manager and an International Partner Operational SATCOM Manager position open.

The Narrow Band Operational SATCOM Manager position performs the following tasks:

- Technical Analysis: Track and provide technical input for the development of new narrowband SATCOM planning tools. Provide recommendations for changes to existing narrowband SATCOM planning tools (Joint SATCOM Management and Planning System (JSMPS), Joint MILSATCOM Network Integrated Control System, Project Spirit, Satellite Database, Joint Integrated SATCOM Tool (JIST)) in order to streamline daily operations for planners and users. Monitor narrowband SATCOM planning tools to ensure accountability of UHF resources. Identify developmental technologies to enhance or augment UHF SATCOM to expand UHF SATCOM resources. Coordinate with the EMI manager to mitigate and resolve existing EMI issues as it relates to the narrowband spectrum. Where EMI cannot be eliminated, assist the SATCOM Support Centers in obtaining alternative resources for impacted users.

- Constellation Monitoring: Monitor UHF SATCOM constellation health and welfare. Coordinate closely with the Naval Network Warfare Command (NNWC) and Naval Satellite Operations Center (NAVSOC) to mitigate satellite anomalies. Provide leadership and technical input during constellation reconfiguration following satellite anomalies. Maintain contingency plan to optimize UHF constellation in the event of a satellite anomaly.

- Plans and Policy Analysis: Provide recommendations to update plans and policies to account for future changes in network implementation in light of operational decisions. Additionally, shortfalls in available MILSATCOM systems require augmentation by commercial SATCOM Systems. These systems require the same level of assessment, planning, and management for effective and efficient operations. Participate in periodic review of instructions for current applicability and accuracy as hardware and software changes occur to constellations and support systems.

- COCOM Support: Coordinate with UCCs to assess how available Narrowband SATCOM requirements support current and future operations, operations plans (OPLANs), contingency plans (CONPLANs), and coordinate SATCOM support prior to execution to optimize resources for priority missions. Consolidate UCC SATCOM resource requirements to identify shortfalls and advocate for operational SATCOM support. Maintain awareness of current operational issues and ensure information is shared with UCC SATCOM planners.

- Orders Processing: Produce WARNORDS/TASKORDS, as requested, to provide oversight and direction to the Narrowband SATCOM-portion of the GIG. Assist with posting, editing, and maintaining appropriate content on the Global SATCOM Support Center's (GSSC) classified and unclassified network websites/portals in support of the Narrowband OSM mission.

•15 years of experience in DoD communications and/or satellite communications.

•Bachelors of Science degree in communications, electrical engineering or computer science or have military training in satellite communications, communications, or networking to demonstrate proficiency in communications principles, technical analysis, and problem solving. (Military experinace may waive BA requirment)

•TS/SCI required

Mark Babcock
Serrano IT Services
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