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Old 27 October 1999, 18:45
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your correct, of course. The Brads *do* carry considerably more firepower than the equivalent LI formation. However, the trick is, dont go "force-on-force" against them. Light-Fighters defeat Mech Forces by being sneaky, underhanded bastards. We go where the Brads cant (Jungle, Mountain) and fight where *we* want to. And, your comparison to the WWII Tiger vs. Grunt fights was faulty.
Modern battlefield tech. gives the Infantryman the ability to kill just about any armored vehicle ever made. The WWII Infantry didnt have that capability.
Now, dont get me wrong. I am *not* saying, "Mech sucks and we dont need em". The fact is, Mech forces are vital to our future victory on the battlefield. But, the individual battlefield belongs to the *specialist* in that environment. Light Fighters dont go out into the Plains if we have any choice in the matter. Likewise, Mech tries to stay out of the Jungle. If The Enemy steps into our Jungle, the 25th'll cut their heads off. But if we go tooling around in the Desert, where the Other Guy is Mechanized, we're dead.

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Old 15 November 1999, 07:26
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Looks like your post was pretty much answered. However, don't take too much that Anna Simons says as gospel. She took what she WANTED TO HEAR and put it down in print. Some stuff in her book is correct, but the majority is severly slanted.
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