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Old 4 July 2018, 12:50
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Interview with MSG (Ret) Dr. Norm Hooten

Most of you know his character played by Eric Bana in 'Blackhawk Down" as "Hoot". Norm is one of my best friends and today he is Dr. Norm Hooten, as he just finished his Doctorate of Pharmacy and prepares to engage in the battle against opioids. Please share this with everyone you know. He needs as much exposure as possible. Particularly if you have any political connections that might be able to assist.

Again, please share with everyone you know.
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Old 4 July 2018, 13:08
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Thank you for sharing this with us Sharky. My family and I are very active in the fight against opioids and have made solid connections over the years. We will spread this far and wide.
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Old 4 July 2018, 15:01
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That is a battle well worth fighting.

On Page 9 of the dedicated thread on the opioid epidemic I laid out the very ugly numbers of it.


50x increase in legal active ingredient sold in Appalachia just between 2007-2011.

How can a static to declining population require a 50x increase in just one branded family of opioids over 5 years?

Big pharma and associated health care/pharma providers need to be held accountable.

The community I grew up in in the US is relatively free of serious crime.

2 months ago a young couple were brutally murdered in their home by the opioid addicted son of the home owners across the street.

The murderer then died hours of opioid overdose.

I would place opioids in first place followed by the Internet in terms of the massive power & potential to both help immensely and destroy completely if misused.

I wish your friend much success in a very worthy battle.
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Old 4 July 2018, 16:10
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Thank you, Sharkey, and thank you Dr, Hooten.

Have had that crap prescribed for me for years, and they have always scared me. I also have a built-in biological safeguard, in that my lower abatement discharge stays blocked up for days. Limits my input, plus I like breathing. I'd rather hurt and breathe than not breathe forever.
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Old 4 July 2018, 16:34
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Opiods are such a huge thing now, in '16 there were 42k+ deaths from opioid overdose and 2.1 million people with opioid use disorder out of11+mil. on perscription opioids.

I know a lot of the herion epidemic is blamed on perscription opioid over perscription, but only about 5% of heroin users were first perscribed opiates.
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Old 4 July 2018, 16:37
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I should add, a lot of this opioid epidemic is tied to the nations poor mental health.
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Old 5 July 2018, 02:52
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Western humans are conditioned to go to the local doctor for any and every ailment, blindly listen to what they have to say, and then shovel all the prescribed pills without thought. Sustainable step to fixing the opioid epidemic is breaking that lemming cycle.
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Old 5 July 2018, 07:37
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Norm has been a healer since I met him in 1984. He will do great things.
No one will take better care of us, than us: Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
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