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23 Octobre 1983

At 6:22AM on Sunday, October 23, 1983, a terrorist drove a truck loaded with explosives into the headquarters building of the First Battalion, 8th Marines, at the Beirut airport. Within minutes, a second truck bomber drove into the Drakkar hotel, headquarters of the French contingent in the multinational peacekeeping force. The first blast killed 241 Marines, sailors and soldiers. The second blast killed 58 French paratroopers - 56 from the 3ème Compagnie of the 1er Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes and two from the 9ème Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes.

They were:

Capitaine Jacky THOMAS, 1er RCP
Capitaine Guy OSPITAL, 1er RCP
Lieutenant Antoine De JEAN de la BATIE, 1er RCP
Sous-Lieutenant Alain RIGAUD, 1er RCP
Adjudant Antoine BAGNIS, 1er RCP
Adjudant Michel MORETTO, 1er RCP
Sergent Christian DALLEAU, 1er RCP
Sergent Vincent DAUBE, 1er RCP
Sergent Jean-Pierre LEBRIS, 1er RCP
Sergent Yves LONGLE, 1er RCP
Sergent Gilles OLLIVIER, 1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Djamel BENSAIDANE, 1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Laurent BERIOT, 1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Vincent CARRARA ,1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Louis DUTHILLEUL, 1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Xavier GRELIER, 1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Olivier LOITRON, 1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Franck MARGOT, 1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Patrice SERIAT, 1er RCP
Caporal-Chef Hervé VIELLE, 1er RCP
Caporal Patrice GIRARDEAU, 1er RCP
Caporal Jacques HAU, 1er RCP
Caporal Laurent JACQUET, 1er RCP
Caporal Patrick LAMOTHE, 1er RCP
Caporal Dominique LEPRETRE, 1er RCP
Caporal Olivier LEROUX, 1er RCP
Caporal Franck MUZEAU, 1er RCP
Caporal Laurent THOREL, 1er RCP
Parachutiste de 1ère Classe Guy GASSEAU, 1er RCP
Parachutiste de 1ère Classe Rémy GAUTRET, 1er RCP
Parachutiste de 1ère Classe François JULIO, 1er RCP
Parachutiste de 1ère Classe Gilles PRADIER, 1er RCP
Parachutiste de 1ère Classe Patrick TARI, 9ème RCP
Parachutiste de 1ère Classe Sylvestre THEOPHILE, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Yannick BACHELERIE, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Richard BARDINE, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Franck CALAND, 1er RCP
Parachutiste J. François CHAISE, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Jean CORVELLEC, 1er RCP
Parachutiste J. Yves DELAIRE, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Thierry DEPARIS, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Thierry DI-MASSO, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Hervé DURAND, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Romuald GUILLEMET, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Jacques KORDEC, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Victor LASTELLA, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Christian LEDRU, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Patrick LEVAAST, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Hervé LEVERGER, 1er RCP
Parachutiste J. Pierre MEYER, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Pascal PORTE, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Philippe POTENCIER, 9ème RCP
Parachutiste François RAOUX, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Raymond RENAUD, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Thierry RENOU, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Bernard RIGHI, 1er RCP
Parachutiste Denis SCHMITT, 9ème RCP
Parachutiste Jean SENDRA, 1er RCP

More on the attack on the Marine barracks here: http://www.socnetcentral.com/vb/show...threadid=29922

This dual attack was the culmination of a series of attacks on the US, British, French and Italian forces. In mid-March 1983, an Italian marine patrol was ambushed, taking 1 KIA (Marine Filippo Montesi, Italy's only KIA in the Beirut operation) and 9 WIAs. A day later, a grenade attack on a US patrol injured five Marines.

On April 18 came the truck bomb attack on the U.S. Embassy, killing 63 people, including 17 Americans. A rifle company of the 22nd Marine Amphibious Unit and a platoon of French marine infantry secured the perimeter of the embassy after the attack.

Attacks continued over the next few months. June and most of July were relatively quiet, but on 6 July, an attack took the lives of 6 soldiers of the 17ème Régiment du Génie Parachutiste. On July 22, a rocket and mortar attack on the 24th MAU wounded 2 Marines and a sailor. A US Marine was wounded on August 10.
On August 29, 2 US Marines were killed and 11 wounded. Three French Foreign Legionnaires were killed on 30 August. Five US Marines were wounded on Sept. 4 and 2 were killed and 2 wounded on Sept. 5. Two more were wounded on the 6th.

Two more combat engineers of the 17ème RGP were killed on September 7. Two Marines were killed by snipers on Oct. 14 and Oct. 16. On Oct. 19, 4 Marines were wounded by an IED, and Italian forces aided them until more Marines arrived. As the USMC history notes, "Following the bombing, a disquieting peace fell over Beirut for several days."

The calm was shattered the next Sunday morning by the twin attacks.

In the aftermath, fighting continued. 11 Marines and 17 French soldiers and sailors would die in Beirut over the next several months. The withdrawal of US forces was ordered in mid-February 1984. With the exception of a contingent at the US Embassy, most Marines were withdrawn from the ground by the end of February. The French contingent of the multinational force was withdrawn by March 31, 1984.

On September 20, 1984, another truck bomb would be detonated outside the US embassy annex, killing 24, including 4 Marine Security Guards.

The initial Stars and Stripes report:

US Marines and French paratroopers under fire in March 1983:

The Drakkar after the truck-bombing:

The dead:
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