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namor 23 July 2016 17:00

I always read his posts closely because he always had something of value to say. We are diminished with his absence.

RIP Cass

DC Photog 23 July 2016 17:35

I was lucky enough to exchange PM's with him on things completely unrelated to national security/military affairs. I will always treasure the stories and insight that he left us with on this site.

RIP Cass, you will not be forgotten.

Fred 23 July 2016 20:14


Tyr 23 July 2016 22:21

RIP Sir. I always looked forward to his thoughts and observations.

Terminator2 24 July 2016 01:45

I can't believe I didn't see this until now.

RIP, Sir.

It sounds like he had a life worthy of an HBO miniseries. And yet, you'd never hear that from him. I thank God for guys like him.

Maas 24 July 2016 10:12

I paid attention to everything he posted. He was a national treasure.

Rest in peace Sir.


P.S.U-07 24 July 2016 10:15

RIP Cass. You are a legend and my hero.

Salt Life 24 July 2016 14:34

We only spoke a few times on the phone the first time didn't go so well, but the rest were good. Always read your post and learned something, you will be missed but never forgotten.

bullet65 24 July 2016 14:55

another of "the greatest generation" gone. I read his post with interest.

ussfpa 24 July 2016 16:27

Holy Smokes! I am saddened, though absolutely honored to have known him outside of this forum.
Rest well dear friend and warrior. Thank you for enriching my life with your friendship.

CombatMedic1981 25 July 2016 02:25

RIP Cass.

ET1/ss nuke 25 July 2016 03:02

Our world was better for having him in it.
He had Been There, Done That before many of our member's parents were born.
As far as SOF goes, he was one of the founding fathers.

Mr.Smith 25 July 2016 03:09

Wow. I totally missed this news. Sad to hear. Rest easy, sir.

billdawg24 25 July 2016 09:42

I just returned from out of state with no access to internet. What a shock. Speechless at this time. A true American hero, and we are all better off for having been touched by him in some way or other.
Very apropos his passing was on July 4th.
Fair winds and following seas, shipmate.

LLL 25 July 2016 10:07

[QUOTE=billdawg24;1058581470]Very apropos his passing was on July 4th.[/QUOTE]

The second thought that came to mind after sadness. How fitting that he share the day of other great Americans, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

You will be well remembered Cass and greatly missed. A truly great American.

BlueSky406 25 July 2016 10:40

This is truly sad news. Cass was more than generous to me with his time and I will forever be grateful. Rest easy Mr. Garrett.

2AP 25 July 2016 12:51

"A sailor, a boat, and ammunition
All together, that's demolition"

What a great legacy.

Bangle99 25 July 2016 14:55

I enjoyed reading his commentary. Rest In Peace.

pavegnr 25 July 2016 21:48

A great loss. I always valued his word. Rest In Peace.

WS-G 26 July 2016 14:57

Was in the process of completing a move and didn't catch this until now. Always enjoyed Cass's writings.

See you on the other side, Sailor!

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