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Steve83 26 July 2016 19:17

What a blessing he was to this place. He had a hell of a life, one that people read stories about.

RIP Cass...

2016 has taken some great men so far.

Old_Starlight 26 July 2016 20:06

Wow, just ... Wow; I am gutted. I have taken a few days to try and put things into words.

I had the opportunity, pleasure and [B][U][I]absolute honour[/I][/U][/B] to interact with him both reading his posts in the open forums and the PM's we exchanged. Ken was instrumental in helping me to deal with a SEAL poseur when I was working the APP in Khowst in 2007 when shit was getting real and a bunch of NG were deferring to the POS. Ken had the clout by reputation to break through the veil of B/S the idiot had erected when no one wanted to listen to the "token Aussie".

Sir, you were larger than life, even online, and one of the few men here to inspire generations of Warriors who had the good fortune to cross your path in life.

I trust you are safely with the love of your life, united once more.


busa 26 July 2016 22:52

RIP Sir.

smp52 27 July 2016 02:01

RIP, Sailor.

Rockville 27 July 2016 19:13

RIP, Sir!

Bravo_One_Three 27 July 2016 20:29

Goodbye my friend. It was an honor knowing you.

e5wsf 28 July 2016 22:38

Whoa! I missed this.

What a life!
RIP, Cass.

Bravo Five Romeo 29 July 2016 05:42

I am ashamed I am only learning of his passing now.

I was in awe of the man ...and I know I would have lived a full and meaningful life if I lived even a fraction of the life he did.
A truly great man has passed and the world is a lesser place for it.
Rest in peace, sir.

jw 30 July 2016 18:51

RIP Cass

Gunk 30 July 2016 23:20

Rest in peace Ken. You won't be forgotten.

Zig 31 July 2016 12:53

Rip Cass.

KUTF 2 August 2016 01:18

RIP.... prayers to his family and friends.

WoreOutMarine 2 August 2016 19:11

Rest in Peace, Cass

Floyd 6 August 2016 23:52

Cass exemplified the "Quiet Professional" SOF warrior.

It was an honor to have known him, even if it was only here on this board.

Fair winds and following seas Sir.


Shark0311 7 August 2016 23:59

Fair winds and following seas.

gclark2002 8 August 2016 16:01

RIP Cass.

CA SGT 10 August 2016 14:03

[QUOTE=Frog;1058579528]On July 4th America lost a great man and we lost a friend, mentor and one hell of a Team Guy. Rest in peace Ken Garrett, Class 0.

Kenneth Garrett

March 19, 1929 - July 04, 2016

Kenneth (Blackie) Garrett was born to Rosa Barnes and Samuel Garrett in Fresno, CA. on March 19, 1929. Mr. Garrett moved to Visalia, CA. in 1936. Mr. Garrett graduated from VUHS in June 1946. He immediately joined the Navy. His service included, among other naval assignments, the Navy Frogmen, forerunners to the Navy SEALs. Mr. Garrett performed 3 combat tours in Korea earning 6 combat engagement stars. Following a brief break from the Frogmen at the end of the Korean War Mr. Garrett was assigned to a series of Special Assignments and ultimately to the CIA while still on military roles. Mr. Garrett performed for 9 years with the CIA as a Military Detailee and upon accruing his 20-years of Military Service he retired from the military and immediately joined the CIA in a Civilian capacity advancing to Chief of Station.

Upon Mr. Garrett's Retirement from the military in 1968 he soon married Mary Jane (Leonardo) Renzi in 1969. At that time the Garrett's resided in San Bernardino, CA. Upon retirement from the CIA the Garrett's returned in 1978 to Visalia, CA., where they resided until Mr. Garrett's death. A graveside service will be held at San Joaquin National Cemetery in Santa Nella, CA on August 11, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. A memorial tribute may be offered by logging onto [URL=""][/URL][/QUOTE]

Unless something changes, I plan on being at the service tomorrow.

JD Bobcat 11 August 2016 14:18

Rest In Peace Sir

Via con Dios

CA SGT 11 August 2016 16:54

FYI to all....
Cass was laid to rest this morning. Very small group of friends and family (10-15) people attended.
A short "obituary" was read that had been written by Cass himself.

I was proud to meet several people who had also known him.

Old_Starlight 11 August 2016 19:58

[QUOTE=CA SGT;1058585936]FYI to all....
Cass was laid to rest this morning. Very small group of friends and family (10-15) people attended.
A short "obituary" was read that had been written by Cass himself.

I was proud to meet several people who had also known him.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for this update. Had I the $$ I would have flown in for this.

I'm raising a glass of whiskey this afternoon.

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