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67 Fastback 12 January 2018 13:48

Cass...Iím sitting in China, far from our home country, but...what an amazing man. Thereís nothing I can say. I vanished for several years and people that I learned from, left us. I respect all of you immensely. Cass...fair winds, and following seas.

JohnG 5 March 2018 02:05

RIP Cass..Thank you for all the contributions and sacrifices you made throughout your long career.
'Fair Winds and Following Seas, and Long may Your big Jib Draw!'

Tackleberry 4 July 2018 10:28

Thinking of you today, Cass.

Silverbullet 4 July 2018 18:00

On this day, two years ago, we lost a great American.


gavin 4 July 2018 18:07

Great man, amazing legacy.

Keep resting easy, Ken.

AZ5326 4 July 2018 18:38

If I had to pick a day..... Miss you Ken.

Mars 4 July 2018 18:41

May you continue to Rest In Peace, Cass!

You are sincerely missed....

bigsapper 4 July 2018 19:47


Ole crusty bastard 4 July 2018 19:56

Good memories.

Chimo 4 July 2018 20:01

May you continue to rest easy sir.

GirlwithaGlock 4 July 2018 20:31

Rest in peace, Cass.

The Fat Guy 4 July 2018 22:09

You were what every American should strive to be. Thank you, again, for keeping me straight.

DCH 18 July 2018 02:03

Miss your presence around here Sir.

Rest easy.

Linda1961 6 August 2018 05:48

I think of Cass a lot. I really miss him. I miss our emails and phone calls.

Cass I will never forget you.

Cass was a total stud but humble. He lived a life you only read about in books.

I only hope I live half the life he did but most importantly I hope I make him proud of the choices I make in my life.

SHHINT 22 August 2018 22:17

I was in Visalia a few weeks ago for work and had a drink in remembrance. An original.

sierra11b 29 January 2019 21:37

I hate to remind all those by Cass's passing by bumping this thread, but thought it was worth noting he helped me vet (or lack thereof) some potential new hires during my then-role with a major hospitality company as part of their efforts during my Chefy gig.

He will be missed.

just11b 29 January 2019 23:18

He will be missed.[/QUOTE]

Yes he is.

fy0834 30 January 2019 11:32

He shared with me his troubled childhood and the destructible road he was on as a youth... until he was pointed to the Navy as his alternative to jail.
Nice humble gentleman...

BionicDamien 30 January 2019 12:25

If anyone doesn't already know Cass did an interview with Don Shipley on YouTube some time back, I remember just stumbling upon it. Really neat. RIP Cass.

DC 30 January 2019 12:44

[QUOTE=BionicDamien;1058778493]If anyone doesn't already know Cass did an interview with Don Shipley on YouTube some time back, I remember just stumbling upon it. Really neat. RIP Cass.[/QUOTE]

Would love a link if you have one.

RIP Frogman. Giant among men.

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