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Check 6 20 July 2016 14:26

A sad day. CASS is a true American hero. I greatly enjoyed chatting via PM, emails, and one phone conversation.

RIP sir! Fair winds and following seas.

Patrick7 20 July 2016 14:30

RIP Cass.

usmc_3m 20 July 2016 15:19

Rest in well-earned Peace, Cass.

You are a true Legend.

grahamcracker977 20 July 2016 15:21

Rest in peace Cass

OfficeSloth 20 July 2016 16:07

Rest in Peace.

PJ1 20 July 2016 16:17

What a STUD!!!!

Sierra290 20 July 2016 17:29

RIP Cass

KW Driver 20 July 2016 17:44

Blue Skies Cass

Cargo 20 July 2016 17:57

A surer ticket to Valhalla, there never was.

justamedic 20 July 2016 18:15

Ugh, saddening news to hear. Although my time on this board has been short, I came to admire the man behind the poster name "Cass". Always classy, knowledgeable, and precise. I am surprised that I was able to read advice and life lessons from a man of his caliber, and am very fortunate to have done so on this site, and am better for it. Thank you, Cass.

RIP, Sir. A life well lived and a true blue American hero indeed. I'll drink to you tonight, lest we forget your sacrifices.

jsmurphy 20 July 2016 18:46


Rest in Peace.

Charlie Waite 20 July 2016 18:50

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Cass.

Grateful Civilian 20 July 2016 18:52

Few men live the life Cass did; fewer still leave behind as rich a legacy. I'll miss the wisdom, history lessons and humor of his posts. My condolences to the SEAL community and his friends and family.

RIP Cass and thank you.

Hoepoe 20 July 2016 19:43

A great loss. RIP Cass, Sir.


Shadow 20 July 2016 20:00

Damn. 2016 ain't no joke. :frown: :mad:

Rest in peace, Warrior; thanks for your service, thanks for the words of wisdom, and thanks for the memories.

Stretch 20 July 2016 20:19

I asked Frog's permission and he said put them up...
I found these on

Unless I am mistaken, these are originals:



Crna 20 July 2016 20:57

Jesus, what an American Hero there are very few men like Cass- Ken Garret.

The news came in email this morning from the association and made me sick to my stomach.
[U]From the UDT/SEAL Association:[/U]
Ken graduated with the very first organized UDT Training class formed in Coronado, in late 1950. This class was not formally issued a class number. Class 001 followed in 1951. Ken then served 3 combat tours with UDT-1 during the Korean Conflict.

Tycon 20 July 2016 20:58

Rest in peace, Sir.

redhawk 20 July 2016 20:59

RIP. The world was lucky to have him.

steelbreeze 20 July 2016 21:27

Rest in peace. Truly a remarkable man.

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