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Scotty 19 July 2016 17:53

Wish I could have met him in person, but loved his posts and the few IMs we shared. He was a funny and amazing old codger!

RIP, Cass.


GirlwithaGlock 19 July 2016 17:56

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RIP Cass. It was such an honor to meet you. I will cherish these memories forever.

During our first rendezvous Cass offered me a token of friendship. He was such a kind, attentive, and just larger-than-life person.

Tracy 19 July 2016 17:56


Fair winds and following seas Sir. See you in Valhalla.

Chris-Harper 19 July 2016 17:59

Wished he had written a book. It would have been a great read.

RIP Cass...

JSOC Marine 82 19 July 2016 18:00

RIP, one hell of a life.

CDRODA396 19 July 2016 18:02

Rest in Eternal Peace and Honor Sir, you earned it, now enjoy it!

Andy0331 19 July 2016 18:03

Truly a life well lived.

Thank you for your contributions to our nation and beyond. You will be greatly missed.

RIP Cass

Spinner 19 July 2016 18:05

RIP Cass

Amazing how much he experienced over his lifetime.

bugeater 19 July 2016 18:06

Rest in Peace Cass. Terrible to hear...

Expatmedic 19 July 2016 18:09

Two of the best on SOCNET gone in such a short span. I am saddened to see this.

I only knew Cass's online personality, always polite, professional, and humorous.

A few lifetimes of experience in a multitude of professions. What a life.

I loved reading his posts about his life experiences and history he helped make.

The SOCNET and the world is a lesser place.

Rest in peace.

DevilDawg 19 July 2016 18:12

Damn. Just a huge blow. RIP Cass, fair winds and following seas.

KidA 19 July 2016 18:17

RIP, Cass.

Fu King Lawyer 19 July 2016 18:17

[QUOTE=Expatmedic;1058579604]Two of the best on SOCNET gone in such a short span.

The SOCNET and the world is a lesser place.

Rest in peace.[/QUOTE]


My thoughts, exactly. RIP Cass.

Cold1 19 July 2016 18:18

I only new him from his post here. Now my world is a smaller place without him in it. An amazing person, fount of wisdom, and Great person has gone to a better place. Rest easy sir.

AZ5326 19 July 2016 18:21

We've lost a part of our history. He was more than just a single Man. I'll miss you Cass. Thank you for your Service to our Nation Sir. Fair winds, and following seas Frogman. Feel like my Grandfather has passed.

agonyea 19 July 2016 18:21

Rest in Peace, Cass. Thank you for your service !

ARCHANGELRANGER 19 July 2016 18:22

Cass was the best of what we all aspire to be. Rest in Peace, Frogman.

34RX 19 July 2016 18:24

A National Treasure as has been stated. We were privileged to read his posts.


cedsall 19 July 2016 18:36

Rest in Peace Cass.

Nimja 19 July 2016 18:39

Ahh... damn. I had always hoped to meet him one day. He is and will always be remembered as an inspiration. RIP Cass.

Bryan 19 July 2016 19:08

Rest in Peace Mr. Garrett.

Kip 19 July 2016 19:11

Damn. His posts were always full of wisdom and interesting tidbits.

RIP, Cass.

Jimbo 19 July 2016 19:13

Cass may have passed from this earthly bullshit, but his wisdom, shared here, Will provide positive guidance for generations of Americans. His humility, humor and positive mental attitude should be emulated by us all.

Rest easy, sir. You are missed.

Chimo 19 July 2016 19:13

RIP Ken, thank you for the talks. You will be missed.

sixgun 19 July 2016 19:19

RIP Cass

legends never die - so Ken lives on...

cj 19 July 2016 19:21

RIP Cass. He never had to wonder if he ever accomplished anything in life. Prayers out to family and friends.

btq96r 19 July 2016 19:36

Sad to read this. A true legend who set and lived a very high standard in all things.

The Fat Guy 19 July 2016 19:43


You always kept me straight and I deeply appreciated your Wisdom. You were the Frogman I always wanted to be.

Rest Peacefully, You are my hero.

Chesie 19 July 2016 19:53

RIP Cass. I always thought of you as an enormously thoughtful person.

Le3 19 July 2016 19:54


RIP Cass.

Truly a life well lived.

revanation 19 July 2016 20:00

Sad news..RIP Sir.

UncleTx 19 July 2016 20:02

RIP Sir. Loved the wisdom in your posts. You will be missed by many.

Stretch 19 July 2016 20:15

RIP Sailor.

You will be missed.

Ken did some "off books" vetting of SEALs, upon my behest, after he retired from vetting on this site. He was always spot on.

I hope you and Andy are having a big time.


Forestboy 19 July 2016 20:16

Well shit.

R.I.P. Frogman.....

Frog 19 July 2016 20:16

[QUOTE=JAFO;1058579546]Damn. Besides being one of the first Frogmen, Cass was a superb human being. Keeper of "The List" for a very long time, he was my go to guy for verification's. The wife and I were just talking last week about linking up with him again on our next trip to SF, CA. You will be missed sir. Fair Winds Warrior......[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I felt a little off kilter when he handed me the torch as a keeper of the BUD/S list when he decided to retire from phony checking. His mentor ship guided my responses with a no emotion factual answer. You either graduated from BUD/S or you didn't. Period. Ken, I keep the torch lit for not only you but for all of us. Hoo Yah Navy Frogman!

Fubar 19 July 2016 20:18

Fair winds and following seas to our brother Cass. What a sad day.

just11b 19 July 2016 20:40

Sad day indeed. Goodbye Cass.

Rest In Peace, Warrior.

Typhoon 19 July 2016 20:40

RIP Cass. Everyone who I spoke to who knew him thought so highly of him and held him in the highest esteem. My condolences to all here who knew Cass. My thoughts and prayers out to his family.

Justaclerk 19 July 2016 20:41

Fair winds, sir, you are legend.

sarc88 19 July 2016 20:51

Vaya con Dios Ken, I'm grateful for your service to our Navy and this nation.

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