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Silverbullet 30 June 2019 08:00

Will helped many of us.

Rest in peace.

Fu King Lawyer 30 June 2019 08:19

[QUOTE=Sharky;1058802432]Another reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed.[/QUOTE]

So true, Brother.
May God bless and may he RIP.
Love to you all during this hour of our loss,

Chesie 30 June 2019 08:23

Will built me one of the best uppers I have. Great guy.
RIP brother

Shadow 30 June 2019 08:53

It's always devastating to log on here and learn that another active member has died, especially at such a relatively young age.

Rest in peace, Will...

Chimo 30 June 2019 08:58

Fuck Will. We’ve had some good times. Until Valhalla brother.

Tracy 30 June 2019 09:01

Rest in Peace Will. See you in Valhalla.

Mars 30 June 2019 09:14

Rest In Peace, my Friend! You will be missed here....

RGR.Montcalm 30 June 2019 09:28

RIP- what a shock!

Be prepared- you never know what may happen in the next minute...

BionicDamien 30 June 2019 09:30

This is awful, I always enjoyed his posts, especially when it came to the armorer stuff.

Damn. RIP, seemed like a really, really good guy.

Fast Eddie 30 June 2019 09:34

He helped me many times on AR builds. RIP brother.

Believeraz 30 June 2019 09:39

He was a friend and will be missed. I was supposed to see him soon. Until Valhalla.

SF_BHT 30 June 2019 09:42

Rest In Peace.....

CLEARED HOT 30 June 2019 09:53


Baildog 30 June 2019 09:59


Box 30 June 2019 10:06

Rest Easy...

sixgun 30 June 2019 10:10



Dogwelder 30 June 2019 10:13


DevilDawg 30 June 2019 10:22

Sad news for sure. Rest In Peace

Top0321 30 June 2019 10:29

RIP Gunz.

10thvet 30 June 2019 10:30

Holy fuck, when I clicked the link, I was praying I misread . he was good people and will be missed. Rest In Peace Iraqgunz.

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