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ronix 1 July 2019 02:44


10thvet 1 July 2019 04:25

Just an FYI, Gunz was art of the BW family. There is a fundraising link for him on the alum page

I can post it here however a quick google search should find it.

hile 1 July 2019 06:20

I only took his class once, and I almost certainly felt like I was drinking from a firehose. I was looking forward to taking it again to fill in the gaps that I had missed.

RIP brother, you taught us so much collectively. I, for one, will continue to preach the Gospel: State your Castle Nut!

Bryan 1 July 2019 08:21

I always enjoyed his insights on here, especially when dealing with weapons issues(as a fellow gun plumber, though nowhere near his caliber). Rest in Peace sir. Too young...

Doc P 1 July 2019 08:33

Godspeed Will.

CV 1 July 2019 08:49

Wow. Rest in peace, brother. My condolences to his family and friends. Definitely a shocker and reminder of how much life is just a vapor.

dustyrebel 1 July 2019 09:33

RIP. Damn what a shock to read this.......

Polypro 1 July 2019 10:39

RIP dude.

leopardprey 1 July 2019 10:39

Rest In Peace. Shocking news. :mad:

Dark Helmet 1 July 2019 12:28

Super guy. Wow. Too young.

Whitebean54 1 July 2019 15:15


Expatmedic 1 July 2019 15:22

Rest in peace Gunz.

1RiserSlip 1 July 2019 15:55

We lost a knowledgeable and contributing member.


Steamin 1 July 2019 15:56


RIP Will.

13F/COLT 1 July 2019 16:06

We will miss his posts!

Guy 1 July 2019 16:39

RIP! Prayers out for the family & friends...

Sigaba 1 July 2019 17:08

May he rest in peace.

EchoFiveMike 1 July 2019 17:35

Rest in Peace. S/F....Ken M

BigNickT 1 July 2019 18:28

RIP Will.

btq96r 1 July 2019 18:31

He really helped make here feel like a community where sharing knowledge freely is the norm, and everybody can learn from it.

Condolences to his family and friends. Just reinforces you can't take any day for yourself or others for granted.

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